In support of a very important (and buzz-worthy) cause, Whole Foods made its case in a simple, striking way on Instagram.

By Ananda Eidelstein
Updated June 21, 2018
The Washington Post—Getty Images

Earlier this week, Whole Foods Market’s 2.6 million followers witnessed a very different type of feed. Whole Foods' grid on Instagram went from a standard feed filled with food-related 'grams to a very minimalist one. After sending out a few stark white posts, the brand finally revealed some indication as to what was happening today. They confirmed they were not hacked by posting an image of a bee on a white background and a very telling caption explaining what all the buzz is about.

Whole Foods went blank on Instagram to raise awareness of the importance of bees. They explained that if bumblebees were not so busy pollinating, we so would basically be left without most of our sustenance—and their feed would look blank all the time.

In honor of National Pollinator Week, Whole Foods partnered with the Whole Kids Foundation to raise money for 50 new school honey bee hives, because we need to #GiveBeesAChance. In their captions they listed surprising facts, such as "one out of every three bites of food is made possible because of pollinators." The funds raised will help support local schools with educational bee hives and get kids learning about pollinators.

In our April 2018 issue, we highlighted a personal quest in saving the honeybee. It became so inspiring to save the bees, that it got our staff wanting to do even more for bees, even if meant being surrounded by 70,000 of them.

We love Whole Foods simple initiative to create awareness and educate on what it means to have bees, and saving them, too.