Place your bets–the winner gets a pizza.

By Lydia Mansel
Updated January 28, 2019

Despite popular belief, the pizza capital of the country is not New York City. And no, you deep-dish lovers, it’s not Chicago either.

Surprised? Well, Google News Lab recently harnessed the information provided by users who opt into Google Location History to rank cities by the frequency of restaurant visits broken down by cuisine. According to the data, Detroit, Michigan is the number one city in the United States for eating pizza. The Motor City was immediately followed by Boston, Philadelphia, and Cleveland.

Detroit-style pizza, for those unfamiliar, is known for its thick, rectangular crust. While the crust may be thick like Chicago’s version, the bottom is more crispy.

Stay with us, though, because the crust isn’t the only difference from other styles you’ve enjoyed in the past. Toppings–like pepperoni or mushrooms–are the first elements added once the crust has been prepared and shaped. Next comes the cheese, preferably brick cheese, a medium-soft cheese usually in a brick-shaped form (hence, the name). The cheesy layer gets spread all the way to the edge of the dough and will eventually melt in the oven, sealing the toppings in a nearly fried crust. Then comes the sauce, drizzled all over the top of the creation.

That’s right: crust, toppings, cheese, then the sauce. That’s the secret to Detroit pizza. Once assembled, it’s popped into an oven to achieve its desirable, melty consistency. More toppings can be added from there.

If you were confused about how Detroit beat out the Big Apple for the coveted “pizza capital” title, the previous description should clear it up. How could anyone refuse a thick-but-crispy, browned-to-perfection, cheesy slice?

Now that you’re craving Detroit-style pizza… We put together a short bucket list of pizza places to hit up whenever you make your way to Michigan. And in the meantime, we suggest looking up the hashtag #detroitpizza on Instagram. You’re welcome.

One Yelp user described Belle Isle’s slices as “easily the best pizza I've ever had in my life.” Say no more.

With 13 locations, this no-frills pizza joint has been serving up Detroit-style pizza since 1943. You know it’s good when it’s been around for decades.

We couldn’t say it any better than this reviewer: “The city knows how to pizza, and Paul's knows better than most.”