Granola this way keeps your Dustbuster at bay.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated April 01, 2019
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Different Ways to Eat and Cook With Granola
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We’ve all seen that meme–the one with an image of granola bar crumbs literally everywhere accompanied by some quip about not having our lives together. Clearly that meme resonates with a lot of us because it's been around, recirculating, forever. What's more likely than everyone actually not having their lives together is that everyone has failed, at least once, to eat granola without getting covered in millions of tiny crumbs (and subsequently smushing little bits into their pants in an ungraceful clean-up attempt).

The problem is–and why we all don’t just throw granola to the wind and move on with our lives–is that it’s tasty, filling, nutrient-rich, and overall just a really great snack. So, what’s an on-the-go, granola lover to do? It turns out, there are a lot tidier ways to eat the snack than scooping handfuls of loose granola out of bag straight into your mouth or biting into a particularly crumbly bar.

So next time you're about to hop on a flight or crave a little nutty, oaty crunch at your desk, try one of these nine ways to snack on granola without ending up with crumbs all over the place.

Cascadian Farm Granola Bar With Plant Protein

A Granola Bar That Holds Up

What you want to avoid is biting into a a granola bar and having it crumble to bits and pieces, so you should choose one that's not-too-hard but not-too-soft–the Goldilocks' porridge of granola bars.

Most bars with a mix of larger ingredients, like nuts, and sticky agents, like honey, are a little sturdier than super soft, extra chewy varieties. On the flip side, they're not packed so tight that biting into them is like opening Pandora's box of crumbs. Cascadian Farm's new Organic Honey Roasted Nut Plant Protein Bar with plant protein mixes granola, peanuts, peanut butter, almonds, honey and more to make sure you get a tasty and filling snack without a giant mess.

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Yogurt Parfait With Granola
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Yogurt Parfait

Next time you make your own parfait, start by pouring the granola in first so that you can mix your ingredients around freely without any granola overflow. If you need a better visual, here’s our quick and easy parfait recipe.

Back to Nature Granola Cookies

Granola Cookies

Back to Nature’s oatmeal cookies are made even crunchier with the addition of oat granola. Topped off with cinnamon, honey, and cane sugar, this might be the sweetest way to eat granola yet.

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Chia Pudding With Granola
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Chia Pudding

I don’t think many things are stickier than chia pudding, so it’s kind of the perfect snack to hold granola flakes and chunks perfectly in a cup and not on the floor. Even if the chia pudding recipe you have doesn’t list out granola, go ahead and sprinkle some in right before you dig in.

Granola Balls Recipe
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Granola Peanut Butter Balls

This is a snack kids and adults can both get behind. The homemade treat is a no-bake breeze, and the mixture of honey, peanut butter, and milk keeps the granola nice and congealed.

Made Good Granola Bites

Granola Bites

Similar to the homemade granola peanut butter balls, Made Good has bite-size chocolate chip, apple cinnamon, and chocolate banana granola minis in re-sealable packages that you can take along wherever you go. You should be able to pop the bite-sized balls into your mouth whole, so unless you somehow miss, it should be pretty easy not to spill granola on yourself.

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Salad With Granola
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In Salads

If you only think of breakfast as between meals the times to munch on granola, you’re missing out on some tasty options during lunch and dinner. Try this crisp sugar snap pea salad with granola and ricotta for a super textured bowl of greens.

Granola Chocolate Bark

Granola Bark

Granola and chocolate is a dreamy taste combination, but it's also the ideal union for texture reasons. The bark is solid, and if you eat it with the chocolate side down, you have a make-shift (edible) plate to catch any stray oats.

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Baking With Granola
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Bake With It

Make everything from Saturday morning pancakes and waffles to birthday party cupcakes and cookies a little snappier by mixing granola right into the batter.