Relive the glory of the '90s with a grown-up version of your favorite lunchbox snack.

By Nora Horvath
Updated March 28, 2018
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Christian Aslund/Getty Images

In any 90’s cafeteria, there was never a stronger bargaining chip than a pack of Dunkaroos. You could trade them for seriously anything—every kid was dying for a package of those cinnamon graham cookies dipped in sweet vanilla frosting.

If just the mention of the name has you missing this iconic 90's snack, you’re in luck. Since General Mills cut back on the cookie production, they’ve been nearly impossible to find. But Walmart recently started selling a dupe version called the Dunk ‘N Crunch. Instagram user JunkBanter found and posted a pic of the indulgent snack.

In the caption, JunkBanter wrote, “Dear Walmart, I know I could do this myself. I know that the Dunkaroos were in us all along. But thank you for putting it all in one package for me again so I don’t have to. Yeah the cookies are different and the frosting is thicker, but whatevs. I actually like your take on it with shortbread cookies. So again... thank you. Thank you for this Dunk ‘N Crunch.”

To judge for yourself how well Walmart did with creating a delicious Dunkaroo dupe, head to the megastore to get your hands on a package of the nostalgia-inducing cookies, which are available at Walmart stores for only $2.97. And if you want to continue reliving the best parts of the '90s, pick up one of the recently re-released Polly Pocket sets from Mattel while you're there.

(h/t Purewow)