These little packets of superfood powder are the health-boosters that keep me going during constant summer travel.

By Ananda Eidelstein
Updated June 19, 2018
Your Super

I don’t know about you, but it feels like I’ve been traveling nonstop for weeks. It’s hard to maintain a routine of healthy eating and rest while juggling airports, planes, train stations, buses, and road trips. Plus, there’s the dining out more than usual and the overindulging in wine and such. Luckily, I found energizing, drinkable superfood mixes from Your Super, and now I literally can’t go a day without them—even when I’m home!

Yes, the trial pack is a wonderful way to test all the mixes and experiment with what makes you feel your best, but they’re also incredibly convenient to travel with. I just stick these little packets in my toiletries bag and off I go. Your Super mixes are made with organic and traceable ingredients and are super clean. Meaning there are no fillers, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients in any of them and made with six ingredients or less. There are seven functional superfood mixes that target immunity, energy, beauty, and fitness. Everything I could possibly want while I’m away from home.

I love to have Super Green on hand to replace my green morning smoothie and have even stirred it into water at the airport during layovers and to fight icky plane germs. It’s made with wheatgrass, nutrient-rich moringa, and spirulina among other green ingredients. Power Matcha gives me a boost, yes because of the matcha, but the maca, too, and also has wheatgrass (antioxidants!) and moringa. I’ve shaken it up in a water bottle while camping as soon as the morning heat forces me out of the tent for a feel-good sip.

A favorite around the office is the chia seed-spiked Forever Beautiful. We actually keep a big tin of this one around for mid-day beauty water for healthy skin and a hit of Vitamin C. It’s made with acai, blueberry, and Acerola cherry powders, which are all great antioxidants.

Working out on your travels? Or maybe you’re even on a wellness retreat. Muscle Power and Skinny Protein are both fab in both cases. I got used to adding Muscle Power in my morning smoothies and it really keeps me going until lunch. When I’m in need of a treat, I stir in some Chocolate Lover Mix into almond milk, but also sprinkle it on oatmeal or stir it into overnight oats. And last but certainly not least, Energy Bomb! Jet lag is not my friend, but this mix helps so much. Made with acai and guarana berries, it’s encourages a kind of focus and energy boost that coffee can't even deliver.

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The company has an inspiring story, too. Founders Michael and Kristel founded Your Super when Michael was battling cancer at age 24. With the help of an orthonutrionist, these mixes were born. Plus, for every mix sold, through a partnership with Action Against Hunger, one packet is donated to children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

I hope these packs make your travels as smooth and nutritious as they make mine!