This Space-Saving Ice Cube Tray Solves the Biggest Freezer Organization Problem

It not only makes ice cubes, but it stores them as well.

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Ice Cube Tray With Lid and Bin

Organizing and maximizing the space in your freezer is a difficult task—especially if your freezer doesn't have an ice machine. Stacking frozen meals, veggies, meats, and desserts in an efficient way is nearly impossible when you have several trays of ice taking up valuable space. We found the best product that solves this problem.

The Yoove Ice Cube Tray comes with a bin that holds three trays worth of ice in one easy-to-reach place. The tray itself makes 32 ice cubes and the bin holds up to 96 cubes, so you could have 128 cubes of ice in your freezer in one small container. It comes with an airtight lid, so you can stack other freezer essentials on top. There's also an ice scooper for hands-free use to keep your drinks sanitary.

It's made from flexible silicone to gently release frozen cubes without the fuss and all parts of the ice cube tray kit are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Even if you have an ice machine in your freezer, this tray is perfect for freezing cubes of herbs and oil, wine, coffee, yogurt and berries, stock and broth, and even baby food.

Ice Cube Tray With Lid and Bin

To buy: $22;

It's the best-selling ice cube tray on Amazon with over 2,400 five-star ratings—and shoppers love it because it's convenient and space-saving. Many shoppers have even commented that the smaller cubes are great for narrow-mouthed water bottles.

"I love having ice but hate making ice cubes since it takes up so much room in my small apartment refrigerator. This solved my problem multiple times over," one reviewer wrote. "With the cover, I can now stack things on top of this box even when the ice cubes are still water, and I always have a stock of cubes ready to go! Super easy, really cute, and the perfect size!"

"Perfect for small freezers," another shopper said. "I bought this because regular ice trays would constantly break and run out too quickly. This thing is perfect! It stores plenty of ice and makes sure you always have ice on hand. If I had more space, I would get another one."

If you need to solve the ice cube problem in your freezer, head to Amazon to grab this best-selling ice cube tray shoppers love.

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