This Blender Is Like a Nespresso for Smoothies—and It Saves Me So Much Time

The pod-based blender makes frothy drinks in under 30 seconds.
By Nina Huang
August 31, 2020
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For something that’s a total no-brainer, smoothies can be a hassle to make. First, you have to clean your blender, wash your vegetables and fruit, chop them up, add ice, pulse, and then pour it out from an awkwardly shaped container that always requires scraping with a spatula to get every last drop of fruity goodness. By the end of the process, there’s usually a huge mess to clean up in the kitchen sink, almost as much as making dinner from scratch. 

That’s not to say that smoothies aren’t worth it, though. I certainly love grabbing one as a post-workout treat, or as a breakfast option for when I don’t feel like my usual eggs and toast. The process just seems disproportionately complex for what the results are—which, let’s be honest, are usually just a few quickly downed gulps. So when Vejo offered to send me its blender, supposedly the “world’s first pod-based blender,” I happily accepted. And spoiler: It’s a total game changer. 

Perhaps the easiest way to describe Vejo’s blender would be as a Nespresso coffee machine for smoothies. Instead of blending fresh fruit and vegetables, Vejo’s blender mixes water with freeze-dried fruit powder housed in pods to make velvety smoothies. There are tons of pod flavors to choose from (such as matcha latte, strawberry banana, piña strawberry, and clean greens), and those on low-sugar diets can try the banana almond or Earthbar’s plant-based protein options. Coffee junkies can choose from cold brew, whey coffee, and whey mocha pods, too. 

While most portable blenders are composed of a blending base and to-go cup, Vejo’s cordless blender looks more like a water bottle in size and shape. To use it, all you have to do is unscrew the top of the blender, add cold water, insert the pod of your choice, and twist back the top. You’ll hear a quiet whirring sound to know that the blender is working, and the entire process takes less than 30 seconds. Unscrew the top again, and what you’ll find is a delicious cup of cold, refreshing smoothie that tastes just as good (if not slightly sweeter) than those made from fresh ingredients. 

I tested out the Vejo blender using its matcha latte pods as morning wake-me-ups and its post-workout pods after my nightly HIIT exercises, and found it to be a time-saving product that makes smoothies a no-brainer. Since the blender can’t take fresh fruit, I added some purees quickly mashed with a fork to give a bit of chunkiness to my drink. 

Of course, Vejo’s blender is no substitute for big mixers when it comes to culinary projects like making soup, dairy-free milks, or even pancake batter, but it’s a great option for a quick-and-easy smoothie when the craving strikes. And for those who want to make smoothies wherever they want (even at the office—whenever that becomes the norm again), Vejo’s blender is bound to be a hit. Take a look at Vejo’s blender as well as some pod choices below.

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