It's so versatile.

By Ananda Eidelstein
Updated December 11, 2017
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fish spatula
fish spatula
| Credit: Amazon

No, it’s not just a spatula. It’s the spatula. The one and only spatula you’ll ever need. In a professional kitchen, it’s called a “fish spat”, but in the real world it goes by a slotted spatula or a fish turner. No matter its name, it delivers—and goes way beyond fish fillets.

It’s so thin and built so perfectly that it gets right under the crispy skin of the fish before you turn it over to the flesh side to continue cooking. Even if you’re cooking fish without the skin, it gets right under there to give you enough lift to flip without damaging the flesh.

But the reason why I love it so much is because I use it for mostly anything I am cooking in a skillet, baking sheet, grill-pan, or griddle (unless I’m using tongs). Its flexible, lengthy edge easily slides under food without ripping apart that seared, golden-brown side you worked hard on. The slotted end doesn’t allow grease to pool, and in turn can act to drain said grease or liquids.

It works magic with basically anything you need to flip, like pancakes, veggie burgers and patties, standard burgers, tofu, eggs, cauliflower steaks, and cookies off a baking sheet.

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So if you must make room for another kitchen tool, it’s this one. Get rid of all the other spatulas you have because this one is the only one that’s really worth the drawer space.