6 Cookout Must Haves

From a portable pizza oven to an encyclopedic guide to cooking with fire, we've rounded up this year's grilling-season essentials.


Fire & Flavor Oak and Hickory Lump Charcoal


If you're splurging on grassfed beef and organic chicken, take it to the next level by grilling them over charcoal that's additive-free. That's where Fire & Flavor comes in: the all-natural, sustainably produced premium charcoals are guaranteed to fill your dinner with flavor and nothing else.

To buy: $13 for 8.8 lbs, fireandflavor.com.

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Around the Fire


Whether you do most of your summertime cooking over a campfire, a charcoal kettle, or a gas grill, this debut cookbook from the team behind the Oregon restaurant, Ox, will supply plenty of creative, seasonal menu ideas and inspirational tips, all grounded in traditional, Latin American-style live fire cooking techniques.

To buy: $22, amazon.com.

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BakerStone Pizza Oven Box


Don't have the space (let alone the cash) to trick out your yard with a real wood-fired pizza oven? Here's an easy fix: a compact, ready-made kit that fits on top of almost any three-burner gas grill, converting it into a blazing Neapolitan-style oven. With the ability to reach an internal temperature of nearly 800° F, it can turn out not only perfectly blistered pizzas, but also crispy roast chicken, pies, and homemade bread, too.

To buy: $120, amazon.com.

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Russel Wright Melamine Dinnerware


Ditch the paper plates and give your outdoor entertaining arsenal a serious upgrade with this stylish, durable servingware created by the famed mid-century designer, Russel Wright. Plates come in sets of four, in two fresh colors, and are all dishwasher safe.

To buy: $88 for dinnerplates; food52.com.

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Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling


Meathead Goldwyn, the founder of the world's most popular grilling website, has packed a university-level education in barbecue into this eponymous cookbook. Dive in and learn how marinades really work, when you should be using gas vs. charcoal, why beer can chicken isn't always the best way to cook a bird, and much more. Prepare to get hungry.

To buy: $21, amazon.com.

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Bear Paws


Show your wild side with these clever, made-in-America utensils. Heat resistant up to 425° F and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into your "paws," they're as durable as they are versatile—perfect for tossing salads, pulling pork, or lifting large roasts.

To buy: $13, bearpawproducts.com.

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