7 Personalized Mugs for Every Coffee or Tea Lover

For that friend who’s always saying, “Shh, I haven’t had my coffee yet,” these personalized mugs might just be the only thing worth smiling about before that caffeine jolt kicks in.


Gold Calligraphy Mug


A simple, yet beautiful way to ensure your partner or coworker doesn’t accidentally walk off with your coffee mug. Choose metallic gold, metallic silver, or black lettering.

To buy: $18, deighandesign.etsy.com.

Photo by deighandesign.etsy.com

Personalized Family Mugs


Let each family member select a character that looks just like a sketch version of him or herself—hair color, skin tone, clothing choice, and all! Keep the set or gift it to a family member who lives afar.

To buy: From $30, uncommongoods.com.

Photo by uncommongoods.com

Personalized Bride Mug


A great gift for the newly engaged, this custom mug features her wedding date under the words “bride-to-be.”

To buy: $13, justaprettytypeface.etsy.com.

Photo by justaprettytypeface.etsy.com


Prescription Coffee Mug


A humorous gift for someone who readily admits not being able to do anything before coffee. Customize the “prescription label” with his or her name to make it uniquely theirs.

To buy: $17, zazzle.com.

Photo by zazzle.com

Personalized Drink Order Mug


With this mug, you (thankfully) won’t have to say a word before you’ve had your morning cuppa. This ceramic mug has your personalized drink order printed front and center in pretty lettering.

To buy: $20.50, scppapergoodsandgift.etsy.com.

Photo by scppapergoodsandgift.etsy.com

Long Distance Relationship Mugs


When you and your partner are separated by state lines, this fun duo will make it seem like you’re having coffee together—even when she’s still fast asleep in another time zone. Personalize with your own states and cities.

To buy: $20 for two, amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com


Whale Mug


A sweet gift for someone special, this 12-ounce mug features an original sketch on one side and the phrase “I whale always love you” on the other.

To buy: $18, legrislapin.etsy.com.

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Photo by legrislapin.etsy.com