6 Terrific Teapots

Like the Mad Hatter says, it’s “always tea time”—especially when you have these exceptional vessels to serve it from.


Uplift Tea Kettle


Pouring a cup of tea has never been easier—the lid pops open when you tip this kettle, so no need to touch a hot surface. The addition of cork to the stainless steel exterior offers a chic upgrade to this classic piece.

To buy: $80, oxo.com

Photo by oxo.com

Soho Teapot


Let your guests know exactly what type of tea is brewing by labeling the exterior of this handcrafted stoneware pot with chalk.

To buy: $20, pier1.com.

Photo by pier1.com

Enamel Coffee Pot


Taller than a traditional teapot, this stove-to-table Japanese carafe offers up a modern look.

To buy: $145, brookfarmgeneralstore.com

Photo by brookfarmgeneralstore.com


Sapphire Cast Iron Teapot


Cast iron is a kitchen staple, but with its blue hue, this everyday teapot turns into a striking statement piece. Its interior is lined with porcelain enamel to prevent rusting.

To buy: $25, worldmarket.com.

Photo by worldmarket.com

Chantal Classic Copper Tea Kettle


Yes, it's a splurge, but this elegant and classic kettle won't go out of style.

To buy: $195, crateandbarrel.com.

Photo by crateandbarrel.com

Grosche Monaco Infuser Teapot


See exactly what’s brewing by peering into this heat-resistant glass pot. Remove the perforated glass infuser basket once your tea has been steeped to perfection.

To buy: $35, wayfair.com.

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Photo by wayfair.com