A slow cooker is our best friend on busy days when we don’t have time to prep a full meal but still want to come home to a delicious dinner. And yet, this appliance that we often leave out on the countertop typically isn’t the most attractive thing in our kitchens. Whether you were gifted one in a pattern you don’t love, or you inherited an older appliance from your grandmother, a quick coat of high-heat spray paint can make it look modern. Once made over in a pretty copper finish, this humble appliance will become a statement piece.

What You Need

Follow These Steps

  1. Remove the lid and inner bowl of the slow cooker and set them aside.
  2. Especially if the appliance isn’t new, wipe it down carefully with a degreasing spray.
  3. Tape off the knob, handles, and electrical cord of the slow cooker, making sure to cover the plug completely. Also tape off any parts that could potentially come into contact with food, such as the metal rim around the top of the appliance. Fill the middle with paper so that no paint will get inside the appliance.
  4. Working outdoors or in a well-ventilated area, spray-paint the slow cooker. To avoid drips, apply several light coats, and let them dry slightly in between instead of applying one thick coat. It can also help to set the slow cooker on a lazy Susan covered in plastic so that you can turn it to spray every side of the appliance evenly.
  5. Let dry completely before replacing the bowl and lid and preparing a delicious dinner.

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