5 Cheap Kitchen Gadgets That Will Revolutionize Your Cooking

Make meal prep even easier than before with Simply host Haley Cairo's favorite tools.

You don't need to splurge on big-ticket appliances to make your meal prep a lot easier. Just a few key tools can help you minimize prep time (and maximize enjoyment). Simply host Haley Cairo shares her picks for favorite small tools for big impact. Bonus? You can get all five for around $100 total.

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Olive Oil Dispenser + Mister

olive oil mister

This combo set helps avoid waste—the dispenser allows for spill-free pouring, and the reusable mister is great for using your favorite oil for prepping pans for baking or cooking (without blowing through those disposable dispensers).

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Mezzaluna and Herb Stripper

Mezzaluna Herb Stripper

The sharp double blades of the mezzaluna make quick work of prepping fresh herbs and greens, and the included herb stripper takes leaves off of each stem in no time flat.

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Garlic Twist

garlic twist

Skip the mess of the garlic press or the painstaking (and aromatic) process of chopping garlic by hand. This simple tool preps your garlic just the way you want it with a twist or two of the sharp blades.

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Fry Wall

fry wall

Spatter happens and can make a mess of your stovetop. This heat-safe silicone cone helps keep the worst of the spatter contained, and is dishwasher safe and easily folded when you're done.

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Bag Sealer

bag sealer

Keep bags of snacks fresher (and pest-free) with this clever tool. One side has a blade that makes it easy to open the bag—the other, a sealer mechanism that closes it back up when you're done.

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