​​There Are So Many Hidden Uses for This Space-Saving Drying Rack—and It's Under $15

Dry dishes, wash fruits and vegetables, and even use it as a trivet.

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Roll Up Dish Drying Rack, Seropy Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack
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No matter if you gravitate toward your kitchen because baking is one of your hobbies or you're simply in the space to prep meals and try new recipes, at some point, you'll end up spending time cleaning up. Although most dishes, servingware, and flatware can be placed into the dishwasher, there are still a number of pieces that are not dishwasher safe. As a result, a dish rack is a must-have in any kitchen. But they can often take up too much space, especially if you live in an apartment, so shoppers are pointing to this over the sink drying rack as a great solution.

With more than 5,200 five-star ratings, the Seropy Over the Sink Drying Rack has been named an "Amazon's Choice" product. The allure of the tool is in its name—the stainless steel rack unrolls and sits overtop your sink. Because of the placement, your countertops remain clear to use as a workspace while cooking or as a spot to store other necessities, like cookbooks.

Roll Up Dish Drying Rack, Seropy Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack

To buy: $12 (was $17), amazon.com

″With limited counter space, I was very happy to see this product on Amazon,″ wrote one reviewer. "The rack fits my sink top perfectly, and is sturdy enough for all my washed dishes, vertically stacked. The rack has ends that ensure there is no friction or scraping, and lifts the rack just slightly so the rest of the rack doesn't touch the sink. This ensures that my stainless steel sink is well protected."

After purchasing the dish rack, shoppers also noted they actually prefer it to a traditional plastic drying rack.

"The rack drains my dishes much more hygienically than a plastic dish rack ever could," continued the reviewer. "Water cannot collect like it does with a plastic drainer. Easy to clean and looks better than a conventional dish drain. For this reason, I would prefer this product over a plastic dish drainer, even if I had the extra counter space."

The Seropy Over the Sink Drying Rack measures 17.8 by 11.8 inches, and is also available in two additional sizes (17 by 13.7 inches and 17.8 by 15.7 inches, respectively). The brand does note it's important to measure your sink before ordering so you know which size rack is the right one for your kitchen. Not only can you dry dishes on the drying rack, but the waterproof, non-slip, and heat-resistant tool can serve as a spot to wash fruits and vegetables and as a trivet for hot items just removed from the stove or oven.

"This is one of the best purchases I [made] recently," wrote another reviewer. "We moved to a condo with a double sink and little counter space. I needed a dish rack for pots and pans and small items that need a quick wash, and this is exactly what I needed. Bonus: It's nice looking."

If you're in the market for a new handy kitchen tool that has multiple uses and allows you to save counter space, measure your sink and shop for a Seropy Over the Sink Drying Rack while the sale lasts.

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