Protect your cutlery in style.

By Kelly Vaughan
February 20, 2020
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Let’s face it—storing knives in a way that is safe, functional, and not a total eyesore can be challenging. While individual knife guards offer great protection, they create clutter in your drawers and can make it difficult to find the exact knife that you’re looking for in a pinch. And although wooden knife blocks free up space in the drawer and are great at organizing your stock, they’re bulky, hard to clean, and take up tons of counter space.

So, what’s a girl with a variety of cutlery and very little kitchen space to do?

We found the solution: this gorgeous Schmidt Brothers Acacia 18" Magnetic Wall Bar

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Whether you have an impressive collection of knives that you want to show off, can't spare the counter space for a wooden knife block, or you just want to make cooking dinner more efficient, this is the product for you. While this magnetic wooden strip isn’t exactly designed for basic cutlery like butter or steak knives (but go ahead and attach them—who are we to judge?), it’s perfect for holding paring knives, large chef’s knives, serrated bread knives, kitchen shears, and so much more. The knives’ stainless-steel blades easily grip to the magnetic wooden bar, which holds them in place and makes it easy to grab them. And the bar is super sturdy, so no need to worry about your knives falling down.

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Perhaps one of the best features of this bar is that it’s so easy to install. Just mount it to a wall (it even works on tile!) and the magnetic grips hold the knives in place. And while we’re all for function over fashion, it doesn’t hurt that the natural acacia wood looks super modern and stylish too. It’s available in two sizes—18” or 24”—so you can choose the best model based on your stash of knives. Better yet, give it as a gift to the cook in your life who has every other gadget on the market. It’s unique, practical, and doubles as culinary wall art.

To buy: Schmidt Brothers Acacia 18" Magnetic Wall Bar ($50,