We’re tickled pink over this pretty piece.

By Jessica Leigh Mattern
Updated December 14, 2018
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simplehuman Rose Gold Stainless Steel Trash Can
Credit: amazon.com

If the rose gold trend has already made its way into your makeup bag, wardrobe, and jewelry box, get excited because it’s about to make over your trash system, too.

This stunning SimpleHuman trash can on Amazon is the latest addition to the rose gold trend taking over housewares and fashion. But this beauty is more than just pretty-in-pink. With its built-in trash bag pocket and innovative design, it’s incredibly handy and durable, too. No wonder Amazon shoppers are giving it five-star reviews.

While users love the metallic pink color, they also appreciate its many neat features. Inside you’ll find a handy liner pocket, which stores fresh trash bags at the back of the receptacle. And since it’s built without a bin (each trash bag hangs from a sleek rim), there’s even more room for your discards—which means fewer garbage runs outside.

Shoppers can choose from three shapes offered in its compact 45-liter designs, which are ideal for small spaces, or up to 58-liter receptacles with single or double cans. And though the brand recommends using its specially-designed bags, users say most large store-bought varieties and brands work just fine.

While this option is a bit more expensive than your typical plastic piece (receptacles start at $100), it’s worth every pretty penny according to reviewers. “I have an admission. I am a well educated frugal consumer but I bought a really, really expensive garbage can and I love it!” one customer wrote. “Probably one of the best kitchen purchases I have ever made!”

“Think about it: If you’re about to spend $5,000 on a kitchen renovation, this is small change,” another chimed in. “It makes my small kitchen look a million bucks better and work a lot better too. In fact, a few simple upgrades like this new accessory may be all you need to make your kitchen feel fresh.

Users also love its smudge-free finish, silent soft-closing lid, and strong pedal, which is designed to endure 20 daily steps for up to 20 years. And if the feminine hue doesn’t quite fit in with your rustic, farmhouse kitchen or modern, stainless-steel lined space, you can opt for one of many more colors including black, white, dark bronze, brass, and classic steel.

There’s still time to order it for Christmas, but you better get it now! (December 22 is the last day you can order your gifts in time for Christmas if you’re a Prime member.) And trust us, you won’t find a trash can that excites your friends and family more than this one.

simplehuman Rose Gold trash can
Credit: amazon.com

To buy: $100; amazon.com.