I Use This Jar Opener More Than Any Other Item in My Kitchen—and It's Only $10

Over 5,500 shoppers have left it a perfect rating, too.

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Kichwit jar opener
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My small hands have always had difficulty gripping and opening airtight vacuum-sealed jars, and I've tried all of the hacks and tricks—from using rubber gloves to get a better grip to running a stubborn lid under warm water—with very little success. Even when I did manage to finally get a tight grasp, the sheer force of twisting something open immediately sent pangs of pain running up and down my fingers and wrists.

When I was finally diagnosed with arthritis, I knew I would need a lot of extra help in the kitchen, so it was nice to find an affordable option like the Kichwit Jar Opener, which is gentle on my arthritic hands. In an effort to save himself from having to open something for me for the hundredth time, my fiancè gifted me with this handy little tool instead. Typically, the popular manual jar opener retails for about $13, but you can get it on sale at Amazon for just $10 if you hurry.

Kichwit jar opener

To buy: $10 with coupon (was $13); amazon.com.

Thanks to its ease of use and compact design, this jar opener quickly became one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. The stainless steel clamp and teeth are durable and rust-resistant, and the hard plastic handle features an ergonomic design that ensures the device can handle heavy-duty jars while fitting comfortably in my hand.

The corkscrew-like design allows me to fully customize the grip to fit almost any jar in my home, with lids measuring from 1 to 3.7 inches.I like to set the jar I'm working with on the counter, then rest the clamp on top of the lid and twist the plastic handle to tighten the grip to fit the lid. Once I've found my perfect size, I hold the jar in one hand and use the plastic handle to twist the jar opener with the other until the lid becomes loose.

With over 5,500 five-star ratings, I'm not the only one who thinks you can't go wrong with this kitchen tool, either. Although it may require some finesse at first, it's an easy tool to master and is sure to become a staple in your kitchen, too. Never give up on a jar of tomato sauce, pickles, or salsa that won't budge again with the help of the Kichwit Jar Opener.

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