It’s time to upgrade that old tableware—you know you want to!

By Christina Butan
Updated February 21, 2019
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Sweese Porcelain Fluted Bowl Set Set of 6, Assorted Colors

Picking the right bowl set is essential. Whether you’re replacing your old dishware or buying new ones for a move, you’ll want something durable, convenient, and nice to look at. Fortunately, you don’t have to go too far to find what you’re looking for: Amazon is full of beautiful porcelain bowl sets that come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes.

So it’s time to pack away those finicky bowls you picked up at the dollar store on a whim (we’re not judging!), and make an investment in a set that’s much prettier to look at. Below, we rounded up some of Amazon’s nicest porcelain bowls, from deep bowls perfect for soup to tiny pinch bowls for that side of dipping sauce

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Sweese Porcelain Fluted Bowl Set Set of 6

Sweese Porcelain Fluted Bowl Set 

We love this Sweese set—each 26-ounce bowl comes in a different, beautifully bold color, perfect for those who can’t decide on a tableware color scheme. They’ll definitely get you tons of compliments when you pull them out for guests at dinner. Plus, they’re durable, microwave and dishwasher safe, and lead-free.

To buy: $33;

Amazingware Porcelain Bowl

Amazingware Porcelain Bowl Set

The Amazingware set is both super colorful and decorative. Each bowl has a different inner and outer pattern, and they’re equally beautiful. Like the Sweese set, they’re stackable, microwave and dishwasher safe, and lead-free. One reviewer raved, “What better way to start your morning than with a beautiful bright happy bowl?”

To buy: $33;


YALON Deep Bowls

These bowls are more subdued in color, with white on the outside and a delicate blue floral design inside. They’re super sturdy, hold up to 20 ounces, and you can get a matching plate set too.

To buy: $22;

Sweese Dessert Bowls

Sweese Porcelain Dessert Bowls

Only eight ounces, these adorable tiny bowls are perfect for small desserts or dipping sauces. The six-piece set comes in several different shades of blue, and they’re just super pretty to look at.

To buy: $19;

Traditional Japanese Porcelain Bowls

Traditional Japanese Porcelain Rice Bowls

These rice bowls are actually crafted in Japan—they come in a unique red-and-blue striped design, and are also available in black and white. They’re designed to hold rice, but can be used for nearly any type of food.

To buy: $39;


LE TAUCI Porcelain Bowls

You’ll always want to have this bowl set on display. The four-piece set comes in the softest pink color, and they aren’t your typical round bowls: Each rim is hand shaped to create a subtle scalloped design. Plus, they come in other equally beautiful colors, like smokey blue and deep gray.

To buy: $25;

Big Stackable Fine Porcelain Bowl

Big Stackable Fine Porcelain Bowl Set

If you’re searching for a large porcelain bowl, this is the set for you. These 60-ounce classic white bowls come with a thin black rim, and while they’re simple, they add an elegant touch to any dinner table.

To buy: $37;