The $2 Keurig Accessory on Amazon Every Coffee Drinker Needs

It can also save you money down the road.

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If you're one of the (what we can assume to be) thousands of people who received a brand new Keurig over the holidays, or are a long-time fan of the appliance, there's one accessory out there that can help you downsize on the waste you produce while using it: a reusable capsule that fits into the coffee maker and filters grounds.

The majority of normal K-cups you find in the grocery coffee aisle end up in landfills, and even the recyclable ones are less than stellar in terms of being environmentally friendly. So instead of increasing your environmental footprint with a Keurig, you can prevent a build-up of waste with this eco-friendly alternative.

The Perfect Pod Store's pack of filters is Amazon's most popular reusable K-cup product. The pods are dishwasher safe and BPA-free, plus they've been tested to fit the majority of Keurig models, according to the brand.

These capsules work the same as a classic K-cup. The only difference is that you fill them with whatever grounds you'd like prior to placing the pod in the machine. You don't need to alter the amount of water you typically use, nor do you have to change the device settings.

That simplicity might be why more than 6,000 shoppers have given the accessory a perfect five-star rating. With nearly 8,000 reviews total, the pods have a near-perfect 4.7-star average rating.

"This is easily one of the best things I've bought," wrote one five-star reviewer. "The Keurig itself isn't too expensive, but then you have to buy all those pods. And every time you use one you have to throw it away and it's like you're literally throwing away money."

Individually, the reusable pods cost just $2 if you buy a four-pack, or just $1.50 if you buy the six-pack. You can also snag an option that comes with a scooper built to pour grounds into the pods without mess for a few bucks more. Most importantly with these: You don't have to sacrifice flavor.

"They work well, water goes through nicely, and no wasted coffee," wrote one reviewer. "I can get a good, strong cup of coffee with them."

Keep your favorite appliance in use, save money and decrease your environmental impact with this easy switch. Based on what the thousands of fans are saying, you won't regret it.

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To buy: $9 for 6-pack;

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