Addicted to peanut butter? This new utensil is for you.

By Grace Elkus
Updated January 05, 2018

The worst part of any spread or condiment is reaching the end of the jar. But with peanut butter, it’s especially heartbreaking: you’re out of the addictive spread and it’s impossible to enjoy every last bit. There always seems to be just a little bit stuck in the ridges at the bottom of the jar.

Luckily, Chris Herbert, a self-proclaimed lifelong peanut butter addict obsessed with good design and efficiency, created a solution called the PBspoon. It’s a cross between a spoon and a spatula, with a rounded face for scooping, a flat edge for scraping, and a pointed tip to get into those pesky ridges. The flat backside is designed for spreading the peanut butter onto toast or sandwiches.

The PBspoon will be live on Kickstarter until 9 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 11. If it reaches its goal of $10,000, the project will be funded. If it doesn’t (so far, $8,012 has been pledged), none of the money will go towards the spoon. If this sounds like the tool for you (or for a peanut butter-obsessed friend), act now—a little goes a long way. Just $11 will get you one PBspoon, $20 or more will get you two PBspoons, $36 or more will get you four PBspoons, and $80 or more will get you the "Party Pack," or 10 PBspoons.

Not sure you eat quite enough peanut butter to have a gadget this specific? The spatula can be used for other nut butters, jams, and condiments. With all your newly salvaged peanut butter, we recommend making these homemade peanut butter cups.