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By Lauren Phillips
Updated March 08, 2018
Instant Pot
Help make her dreams of an uncluttered kitchen come true with this of-the-moment gadget that combines 7 appliances in one amazing machine. To buy: $100;
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The Instant Pot is already one of the hardest-working gadgets in our kitchen repertoire, but now, a new version of the beloved tool is introducing yet another feature to the list of amazing—and surprising—things Instant Pot can do: canning.

Yes, an Instant Pot can already act as a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a sauté pan, a yogurt maker, a steamer, and a stockpot warmer, but seven functions weren’t enough—with the addition of canning capabilities, the new Instant Pot (called the Instant Pot Max, according to The Kitchn) is now an eight-in-one gadget.

The Instant Pot Max will be able to reach higher pressure levels than previous versions (15 PSI versus the 11.6 PSI most Instant Pots max out at), allowing you to use it like a powerful stovetop pressure cooker to preserve your favorite fruits, sauces, homemade jams, and more—perfect for serial meal-preppers. (And this easy trick will help you keep it smelling fresh, so you can preserve to your heart’s content.)

Other than the new canning option, the new Instant Pot will have an automatic stirrer (for making perfect broths and risottos), new safety features including automatic slow venting, pulsed venting, and quick-release venting options, and an easy-to-read touch screen, making quick cooking and one-pot meals easier and safer than ever.

The Instant Pot Max is expected to launch in May or June and will be available only in a six-quart option (at least to start). It’s estimated to cost around $200, though that may change closer to the launch date.