These mixing bowls are absolutely perfect.
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Melamine Pour Spout Mixing Bowls

Of all the kitchen gadgets and gear I own, my mixing bowls are hands down the most valuable. Ditch the stand mixer, lose the jelly roll pan, but don’t take away my set of Williams Sonoma Melamine Pour Spout Mixing Bowls. They come in a set of three and are so lightweight that I can pull them out of even the highest cabinet with one hand, all at once. They stack, which saves on storage space, because who ever has enough? They are dishwasher safe, which means even if I use all three for one epic homemade cake (one for dry ingredients, one for wet, and one for frosting), I’m not staring down a full sink of dishes once the cake is in the oven. And that’s not all—here’s what else makes them perfect:

They can be used for anything: Popcorn on movie night? Yep—my husband gets the big bowl, I get the medium, and our 8-year-old gets the small. Everyone’s happy. The bowls are also great for breakfast pancake and waffle batters, brownie mixes, countertop “garbage bowls,” corralling chopped onions, carrots, and sautéed sausage for holiday dressings, holding a homemade slurry of baking soda and water for no-chemical oven cleaning, regenerating tiny dehydrated dinosaur sponge toys… the list goes on.

They’ve got handles and a nonskid base: The handle makes it so easy to hold onto the bowl while I’m vigorously whisking eggs. And my mini sous chef relies on the no-slip power of the bowl bottom when he’s assisting with stirring duty.

There’s a pour spout: You never know how much you need a pour spout until you actually have one. Then you realize how easy it makes it to pour liquids like eggs, batters, custards, and broths without splashing your counters, floors, and clothing in the process.

They’re colorful: Mine are green (it’s been a few years), but right now you can get them in red, yellow, gray, or white. Every time a new color comes out, I’m tempted to buy another set.

They’re perfectly priced: For all the happiness these bowls give me in the kitchen and beyond, I think they are a total steal, especially when you divide by three.