We promise you will never get tired of experimenting with this multi-function infuser.

By Kelly Vaughan
Updated May 09, 2019
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Credit: walmart.com/Getty Images

Having a variety of infused oils on-hand is the ultimate luxury, but doing it yourself can be messy and stocking up on half a dozen varieties can be pricey. Sometimes the fear of burning garlic or fresh rosemary while heating it in oil can be enough to scare us away from the task altogether. Thanks to the LEVO Oil Infuser, a high-tech oil infuser for beauty and kitchen use, small batch oil infusion just became so much easier (with easy clean-up to boot). It looks like a coffee maker or soda stream and is just about the same size as those appliances, so no need to make too much extra room on your counter. If your mom is the type who’s always getting crafty and experimental in the kitchen, then she’ll love this one-touch infuser that comes in four modern colors. It’s a win-win— you won’t have to stress about what to get mom for Mother’s Day this year, and you’ll reap the benefits of these aromatic oils when you stop by for dinner.

How Does the LEVO Oil Infuser Work?

Herbal infusion has been at the core of cooking and wellness practices for centuries. While ingredients like truffle, garlic, or rosemary oil are impressive additions on restaurant menus, it’s surprisingly simple to DIY them, especially with the help of a gadget like the Levo I. The at-home process for oil infusion takes hardly any handy work— choose your herb (basil, vanilla bean, citrus zest, or flower petals, just to name a few) and your oil (grapeseed, sesame, almond, and even butter or ghee)— add the ingredients to the included herb pod, and within just 2.5 hours, your oil infusion is ready. The stainless reservoir, where your oil and herbs will steep together, is dishwasher safe too!

How Do I Cook with Infused Oils?

Once your herb oil is ready, you can use it in a variety of delicious sweet and savory recipes. Pour garlic oil on popcorn, rosemary oil on potato flatbread pizza, or use citrus oil in this mandarin olive oil cake. You can also do something as simple as rubbing tarragon-infused oil on chicken or salmon and bake it for an extra level of flavor in a basic weeknight meal. Add even more flavor to one of our favorite snacks—ricotta, olive oil, and honey toasts—by using the infused oil of your choice on top of the tartines (orange or lemon-infused oil would add brightness, or be transported to Tuscany with a quick drizzle of basil oil).

Don’t Forget the Beauty Benefits, Too

If you’ve ever tried making your own DIY facial scrubs at home, then you know quality oil is one of the key ingredients to smooth skin. Use a lavender-infused oil for a relaxing aroma, or rose oil which is known for its brightening and antioxidant perks.