This Top-Selling Strainer With Over 11,300 Five-Star Ratings Is the 'Best Kitchen Gadget Ever Made'

And you can get it for only $14.

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Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain | Purple Strainer with Clip-On Silicone Colander

The best thing about pasta night is, well, the pasta you get to eat for dinner. The worst thing about pasta night is pulling the colander insert out of your pot and getting boiling water everywhere, or fumbling with multiple different sized strainers, trying to find one big enough to catch all the spaghetti, but with holes small enough that it won't slip out into the sink. And this doesn't even include the fun of hoping the strainer stays upright and doesn't flip over under the weight of all that water, spilling your angel hair down the drain.

Thankfully, nearly 11,400 five-star ratings on Amazon point to an inventive solution in the Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer. Unlike footed colanders or strainers that sit in the sink, this strainer is made with clips that attach to the side of any pot, pan or bowl. This way, both of your hands can lift whatever needs to be strained and poured out with confidence while the strainer holds back all the food inside.

It comes in five different colors to suit the decor of your kitchen and its flat design means it can be stored wherever you need it—unlike it's tall, bulky cousins. Plus, the Snap N Strain Strainer is affordable at $16, but a couple of the colorways are currently on sale, making them even more inexpensive.

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain | Purple Strainer with Clip-On Silicone Colander

To buy: From $14;

If you're worried about the strainer fitting your Dutch oven, stainless steel pans or stock pot, shoppers say they've had no issue clipping it on to anything they own and want to drain—even including their salad or soup bowls. This strainer is truly universal and shoppers have noted it has made their lives in the kitchen so much easier.

"This is the best kitchen gadget ever made," one review reads. "I cannot say enough good [things] about this strainer. It fits all my pots from small to huge, even frying pans! I have strainers, colanders, [and] every kind of lid converter, but this strainer is the best ever. When the pot is too heavy for me to hold to drain off the water, with this, I can still hold on with both hands. Washes up like a dream. I do not know how I lived without this strainer. Now I can get rid of probably 20 items out of my kitchen!"

Grab your own life-changing gadget and order the Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer from Amazon today.

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