Streamline Meal Prep With a $16 Gadget That's Both a Knife and Cutting Board

I’m a lazy cook, so I rely on this Amazon kitchen tool daily.

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YD YD XINHUA Kitchen Food Cutter Chopper Clever Kitchen Knife with Cutting Board,

Some people really enjoy being in the kitchen, basking in the glory of countertops covered in knives, cutting boards, and measuring spoons. I am not one of those people, having inherited my mother's distaste and, quite frankly, lack of skill and patience when it comes to cooking. (Sorry, Mom!) It was devastating to discover my budget doesn't permit daily dinner delivery, so I've had to find ways to speed up my time in the kitchen and limit the onus of meal prep and cleaning.

After spying a similar gadget on TikTok, I came across this unique food cutter on Amazon that's like a kitchen knife and cutting board in one. It kind of looks like a cross between scissors and a pair of pliers, but instead of having two blades that cross each other or two jaws that lock together, it has one stainless steel blade that lands on a flat, stainless steel surface. The blade, as expected, serves as the knife, whereas the flat surface serves as the cutting board.

The handles and grip are more plier-like and require you to grip down on them—you won't be looping your fingers through anything the way you do with scissors. But because of its ergonomic design, all my chopping and slicing endeavors are completed in comfort.

YD YD XINHUA Kitchen Food Cutter Chopper Clever Kitchen Knife with Cutting Board,

To buy: $16 (was $17);

The clever chopper has noticeably cut down my time in the kitchen. Whether I want to chop up the bananas for my açai bowl, the carrots for my soup, or the cheese for my mac, I no longer pull out a knife and cutting board. The apparatus allows me to chop quickly and directly into the bowl, pot, or plate I'm using to make my meal, which means there's one less thing to wash after I'm done in the kitchen.

Amazon shoppers have expressed their love for the gadget too. One reviewer wrote that they've used the gadget for three years and deemed it "perfect for everyday use," while another said that "the scissor-style function works surprisingly well."

If you want to speed up your time in the kitchen, this two-in-one knife and cutting board gadget may be just what you need, too. Buy it while it's on sale at Amazon.

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