This 'Magic' $10 Chainmail Scrubber and Brush Set Safely Cleans Seasoned Cast Iron

Shoppers love it so much, they’re buying it as gifts.

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GAINWELL Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber Set Cast Iron Cleaner

Cleaning cast iron cookware can get a bit tricky with all the dos and don'ts on the topic swirling around. The truth of the matter is, you can clean cast iron pots and pans with a chainmail scrubber or bristle brush without removing baked-on seasoning. Trust us, these tools, like the ones in the $10 Gainwell Cast Iron Cleaning Kit that thousands of Amazon shoppers love, work way better than an ordinary paper towel.

The Gainwell set comes with a chainmail scrubber and a durable bamboo brush that work together to remove food debris and unwanted grease from skillets with ease. It's no wonder over 3,200 shoppers have given the Gainwell cast iron cleaner set a perfect five-star rating.

GAINWELL Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber Set Cast Iron Cleaner

To buy: $10;

In the first step to getting your clean pan back, use the stainless steel chain scrubber to gently scrape away food remnants in cast iron. The 4-inch circular scrubber complements the curves of your skillet to "thoroughly clean" it with one hand, according to shoppers, and its strong metal links are practically impossible to break.

When you're done with preliminary cleaning, opt for the bamboo brush that has an ergonomic handle (which helps keep your hands away from hot water) and durable, stiff bristles to clean your cooking surface without messing with your hard-earned seasoning. One shopper says it "adds a little more 'umph' to cleaning," while others simply call it a "game changer." (And just so you know, it's OK to use a little mild dishwashing soap every so often for a proper clean—just make sure you keep up with the seasoning!)

"This is the best cast iron cleaner brush I've purchased," writes one Amazon shopper. "I love the chainmail since it more or less attaches to the brush and I don't have to use the chainmail with my hands. Brush bristles are just right for stiffness, too."

"I bought these items before and liked them so much, I bought them again as a gift for a friend," writes another. "I use the brush and chainmail on my cast iron pans, which I cherish. They work like magic to clean without ruining the seasoning I have painstakingly created."

Cleaning your cookware is a breeze with the Gainwell Cast Iron Scrubber and Brush Set. Get it for just $10 on Amazon now.

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