3 PCS Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws

These Reusable Straws Have a 'Genius' Secret Feature That Makes Them 'So Easy to Clean'

Get three for $6.
By Amy Schulman
January 26, 2021
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Switching from plastic to reusable straws is an excellent way to curb excess waste (and protect turtles at the same time). And while paper straws are certainly better than plastic, slurping a smoothie or coffee will often result in fraying, congealed pieces of paper that make sipping impossible. Instead of paper, many straw lovers have resorted to metal, silicone, or reusable plastic straws, but all of these still pose a problem: No matter how long you scrub the inside of the straw, it never truly feels clean. 

The solution? Easy. Nab a set of these silicone straws on Amazon that are designed to snap apart. The thick straws can be split open down the middle, making cleanup a breeze. No longer will you have to wield a skinny brush to blindly scrub coffee stains or push down pieces of stuck fruit molding without your knowing. 

The BPA-free straws are nine inches long and plenty wide (large enough to slurp chewy boba), and are able to fit into tumblers and other glasses. Use them for a range of hot and cold drinks, like coffee, juice, cocktails, soda, and smoothies. Once you've finished your drink, just unhook the straw, grab a sponge, and see exactly what you're scrubbing. 

3 PCS Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws
Credit: amazon.com

To buy: $6; amazon.com.

Amazon shoppers have also waxed poetic about these straws, calling them "genius," "perfect for kids," and "environmentally friendly," and they've racked up over 500 five-star ratings. 

One happy customer shares that they almost gave up on eco-friendly straws until they found these snap-open versions. "These are FANTASTIC," the shopper says. "I've tried metal straws but they are tough to clean and I don't love metal against my teeth. I've tried other reusable plastic and silicone options but they don't work for thicker drinks like smoothies. These actually address all of my issues."

"So easy to clean!" another shopper writes. "I am all about saving the turtles and my reusable straws. I have several different reusable straws but what I like best about these is that they open up for easy cleaning. I have those straw cleaning brushes but now that I have these I know for sure the inside gets cleaned after use."

The straws come in colorful packs of three, six, or eight and start at just $6 on Amazon.