EZPB Natural Peanut Butter Stirrer Multi-Size
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This $11 Kitchen Tool Is the Secret to Making Thick Nut Butters Easier to Stir

No wonder it went viral on TikTok.
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When you're hit with a sudden craving for a classic PB&J, satisfying that want seems pretty simple. All you have to do is get out some sandwich bread, jelly, and (of course) peanut butter. But trouble often arises when you have to put in the elbow grease to mix that PB to a nice, spreadable consistency. Good news: There's a genius kitchen tool that does that hard work for you.

A video on TikTok showed what magic EZPB's peanut butter mixer is capable of. User @amazonoholic (aka Ryan Mulvany) demonstrated how he uses the tool to make separated peanut butter silky smooth in a TikTok that has over 10 million views. Just a few rotations of the squiggle-shaped stirrer helps the peanut butter recombine, with considerable less effort than a simple butter knife would require. A credit card-sized piece of plastic with a small hole also cleans the nut butter off the mixer so nothing is wasted.

Natural nut butters are prone to separation, and while storing your favorite jars upside down can help abate this natural process, sometimes, you need a little extra help. That's why Amazon reviewers love the clever stirrer.

One shopper explains how they use it: "When you first start to mix the oil, insert the mixer halfway into the jar to get the oil mixed in, then down to the bottom of the jar to mix the thicker butter on the bottom. Be patient and use a combo of turning the mixer and turning the jar. It's well worth the time and very effective."

"Stirring natural nut butters with their oil sitting at the top of the jar is a pain," wrote another shopper. "This little gadget makes the chore easy-peasy. What's more, it's simple to clean under hot running water with a bit of dish soap and takes up minimal storage space. What more could you want? If only other kitchen tools were this good."

While this mixer was intended for peanut butter, it can also be used for any other natural nut butter, like almond, cashew, and even tahini. It works with 26- to 30-ounce jars with 2 ¾-inch to 3 ¼-inch lids—so, basically, unless your jar is especially small or oddly shaped, this squiggly tool should do the trick.

At $11, it's a budget-friendly single-use tool, and its small size makes it easy to tuck away in your utensil drawer. Though it may seem unnecessary to some, EZPB's peanut butter mixer is a worthwhile purchase for many. Making that PB&J is about to get easier.

EZPB Natural Peanut Butter Stirrer Multi-Size
Credit: amazon.com

To buy: $11; amazon.com