Danish Dough Whisk Mixer Blender Admixer for Cake Dessert Bread Pizza Pastry

This One Nifty Tool Is a ‘Must for Any Baker’—and It's Only $15 on Amazon

It has the power of a stand mixer in one small design.
By Amy Schulman
January 19, 2021
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Baking, inevitably, results in a fleet of equipment covered in butter and flour, lined up and ready to be cleaned. It's plenty easy to get carried away, pulling out the stand mixer for tasks that could merely require a whisk or relying on teaspoons and cups when measuring by weight involves far fewer implements. 

So if you're looking to not only streamline your kitchen tools drawer but also decrease the amount of time spent scrubbing equipment over the sink, you'll want to take a look at Danish dough whisks, the do-it-all baking tool. This particular Danish dough whisk, which boasts over 2,600 five-star ratings on Amazon, is on sale for just $15 (originally $29), and the deal actually includes two for the price of one. 

Upon first glance, the Danish dough whisk resembles a traditional whisk: a wooden handle complete with two circular rounds made out of stainless steel. But instead of multiple spokes converging to create one domed space, the Danish dough whisk is flat, which is what makes it a far more beneficial tool. 

Why is this? The flat surface allows you to easily blend ingredients, whether you're making pizza dough or creaming butter and sugar for a batch of cookies. Its rounded shape also lends itself well to scraping excess dough from the bowl—no rubber spatula required. Plus, with a Danish dough whisk, you won't have to worry about chunks of dough getting stuck and bouncing around in the middle of the whisk. 

Danish Dough Whisk Mixer Blender Admixer for Cake Dessert Bread Pizza
Credit: amazon.com

To buy: $15 (originally $29); amazon.com.

"A must for any baker," one Amazon shopper reviewed. "I bake a lot. Breads, rolls, batter breads, pancakes, and waffles. I was skeptical, but I LOVE them. They make bringing batters and doughs together so much easier, and the round shape helps scrape the bowl and get all the ingredients incorporated. I can't imagine baking without them." 

The simple yet stylish design includes an ergonomic handle—so you don't have to worry about discomfort during long mixing spells—and it's quite light, weighing in at less than half a pound. 

"Move over heavy mixer," another Amazon shopper wrote. "I needed something to mix cake batter more effectively than a silicone spatula, which left lots of dry clumps and required me to overmix to get rid of clumps. Saw this by chance and it looked like just what I needed. This is such a useful, clever design—easily combine wet/dry ingredients without overmixing in many different recipes. It's a marvel of Danish design."  

After your first time blending dough together with this whisk, it's likely you'll never reach for a humble wooden spoon again. You can shop two Danish dough whisks for $15 on Amazon now.