These cool kitchen gadgets made our 2018 cooking endeavors a little simpler.

By Lauren Phillips
December 14, 2018
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Cool kitchen gadgets seem like they can do anything, and the 2018 additions to this helpful list are no different. They really can do anything and everything, short of the actual cooking—maybe a robot chef will finally arrive in 2019. Some kitchen gadgets stand the test of time, while others are improved year after year with sleeker options that are a little more space-friendly. (How we're supposed to fit all these cool new kitchen gadgets into a typical kitchen, much less a small one, is another issue altogether.)

Our food editors have their own picks for the best kitchen gadgets they can’t live without and old-school gadgets they swear by; these gadgets came from Real Simple’s weekly 6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life column and Little Helpers, which appears in most issues of the print magazine. There, we seek out the cleverest, most helpful, or most innovative problem solvers around, to take care of everything from life’s minor annoyances to offering life strategies to make every day a little smoother.

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Listed in no particular order, these kitchen gadgets impressed us in 2018. They may help food last longer, they may offer a better way (maybe quieter, maybe quicker, maybe easier) to accomplish a common cooking task, or they may combine several cool kitchen gadgets into one genius tool.

Best of all, they’re not necessarily specialty items—most are gadgets even beginner cooks can use, especially for nuisance prep steps. (Stripping kale has never been easier.) More advanced cooks can revel in reducing tasks that could take several minutes of chopping to seconds-long efforts. Whatever they do, the cool kitchen gadgets of 2018 make spending time in the kitchen a little easier—read on to see which particularly impressed us this year.

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