This Genius Lid Fits Every Pan in Your Kitchen to Clear Up Cluttered Cabinets for Good

This is one of the most clever kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed.

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Whether you’re making a much-needed kitchen upgrade or just gifting yourself something new, there’s no denying that buying a shiny cookware set brings joy. After all, it’s basically one of the life ideals that defines adulting—the love of new housewares. But along with brand new pots and pans comes the hassle of storing a set with seemingly endless pieces.

I love the idea of investing in a full cookware set, but it’s not practical when there’s nowhere to store it. Right now, I live in a small apartment with little kitchen countertop space, let alone enough storage areas to hold everything I already own. I have several miscellaneous pots and pans, but some of their lids are missing, and I want to continue using what I have instead of buying a new full set.

Luckily, I came across the direct-to-consumer cookware brand Made In. The company makes universal lids that fit both pots and pans, and they’re the easiest way to replace missing lids (or your perfect excuse for getting rid of all the ones you don’t end up using on a regular basis). While the universal lids are made specifically to fit Made In’s cookware, they can be used with your existing pots and pans of any make.

But how do they work, exactly? Both the lid for pots and the frying pan lid are made with a silicone exterior and a stainless steel interior, and they’re designed with three separate circular lips that effectively trap steam and heat while staying cool to the touch and preventing warping. And because of the lid’s weight, it provides a secure seal onto the pot or pan that you wouldn’t expect.

Made In Universal Lid
Made In

There are other iterations of one-size-fits-all cookware lids out there, but prior to making their own, Made In co-founders Chip Malt and Jake Kalick sorted through hundreds of reviews of universal lids on the market and realized that customers found those options flimsy and uninsulated, plus they tended to cause runoff. Thus, the Made In version—a thick, hefty, silicone-and-stainless-steel lid that’s weighted enough to stay sealed and fits up to three different sizes of pots and pans—was born, and it immediately became a kitchen necessity. When it launched, the Universal Lid sold out in 36 hours and quickly became Made In’s second fastest-selling product among its cookware. In 2018, the tool even won Time magazine’s Invention of the Year award.

I’ve been so ready to get rid of the lids that are taking up space in my cabinets in order to only use one. The universal lid is the kitchen accessory I never knew I would become obsessed with, and now you can be obsessed, too. Pick up your own Made In lids below.

Silicone Cookware Universal Lid for Pots

Made In Universal Lid for Pots
Made In

To buy: $49;

Frying Pan Silicone Universal Lid

Made In Universal Pan Lid
Made In

To buy: $59;

Silicone Cookware Universal Lid Kit

Made In Universal Lid Set
Made In

To buy: $99;

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