How an at-home cold brew pitcher changed my relationship with java.

By Stephanie Sisco
Updated March 31, 2017
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Most of us love coffee, right? Right. However, if I’m drinking it hot, I prefer my cuppa hot (some would call it scalding). If it cools to lukewarm, I simply don’t enjoy it as much. But pour me a cup of cold brew and I am set for the day. Drinking it over ice allows me to take my time with my beverage, without having to worry about it changing temperature right away. Plus, it gives me the java jolt I need to get through a sleepy morning (or afternoon).

That’s where the Coffee Panda comes in. This brewing pitcher allows me to keep rich and caffeinated cold brew on hand at all times. The strong borosilicate glass carafe is slim enough to fit in the door of my refrigerator, but large enough to make at least three cups of (icy) joe.

Simple to use, the Coffee Panda has become my go-to, year-round coffee maker. Just fill the reusable center filter with ground coffee, pour water into the pitcher, and let it steep for up to 12 hours. I prepare the pitcher when I get home from work and let it brew in the refrigerator overnight, so a fresh batch awaits me in the morning. When it needs to be cleaned, just toss it in the dishwasher.

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At this point, I’ve basically become a devoted, year-round iced coffee drinker. If you’re like me and prefer your coffee chilled, do yourself a favor and stock your fridge with some homemade cold brew.