4 Clever Kitchen Helpers

From a trash can that vacuums to a thermometer that plays sous chef, these are a digital expert's top cook-space gadgets.


Joseph Joseph Totem Kitchen Bin

Photo by containerstore.com

This device makes composting a cinch, says digital-lifestyle pro Carley Knobloch. “It pairs a food-waste caddy, plus odor filter, with recycling bins, all in one sleek vessel on wheels.”

To buy: $249, containerstore.com.


Range Smart Thermometer

Photo by food52.com

No more hovering over the oven. This thermometer sends temperature readings to an app on your phone, says Knobloch. “Tell it what you’re cooking and your desired level of doneness and it will alert you when the food is ready.”

To buy: $70, amazon.com.


Bruno Smartcan

Photo by brunosmartcan.com

For speedier cleanups, consider this trash bin with a built-in vacuum. “Sweep debris toward the can and it gets sucked up into the trash bag,” says Knobloch.

To buy: $179 (preorder for February 2016), brunosmartcan.com.


Hiku Grocery-List Maker

Photo by hiku.us

Scan the barcode on the box of cereal you’ve finished and this device adds it to a grocery list on your phone. “Or speak into it for barcode-less items, like bananas,” says Knobloch.

To buy: $49, hiku.us.