bonVIVO TEMPA Tea Infuser Removable Stainless Steel Strainer

A Teapot With a Built-In Infuser Is One Kitchen Gadget Your Mom Probably Doesn't Have

Watch the tea brew through the glass bowl.
By Ariel Scotti
May 06, 2021
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The concept of watching tea brew might sound just as fun as watching paint dry, but hear me out. There's a beauty in how loose tea leaves release their aromatic, flavorful-and healthful-essences into hot water. Since most tea-brewing happens inside a mug, the show is totally lost on us. That's why this glass teapot with a built-in infuser is so popular on Amazon. 

The Bonvivo Tempa Tea Infuser is a glass-bowled teapot with a bronze-look lid and a stainless steel tea-infusing strainer in its center. The infuser is designed to snugly hold both loose tea leaves and tea bags as hot water is poured inside. The design of the heat-resistant borosilicate glass bowl (which is tasteless and BPA-free) puts infusion front and center-the favorite feature of hundreds of Amazon shoppers.

"I've already steeped 4 pot fulls and it's the first day," one reviewer wrote. "I love my tea. This works so well, and I love seeing the teas as it brews."

bonVIVO TEMPA Tea Infuser Removable Stainless Steel Strainer

To buy: $25;

Another key element of the teapot is its simplicity. To use, add tea leaves to the infuser while water boils in a separate vessel (don't use the glass pot), then pour the water into the pot and steep your tea for as long as you'd like. The thick glass will hold the heat of your brew long enough for you to enjoy a whole pot by yourself, which saves time compared to steeping individual cups. But shoppers also like to use the infuser teapot with a crowd. 

"Makes about four cups of tea and handles both loose leaf and tea bags," one wrote. "It is the cutest thing to use when friends come over or just to enjoy favorite tea."

Shoppers also like that the entire thing is only three pieces-the glass pot, the copper lid and the steel infuser-meaning cleanup after a mug (or three) of chamomile, hibiscus, or oolong is easy and seamless. One customer even calls it "the easiest teapot to clean ever." 

Buy the Bonvivo Tempa Tea Infuser as an "elegant" last minute Mother's Day gift for tea lovers (like my mom, who's getting one this weekend)-or for yourself.