The 6 Best Coffee Makers With Grinders, According to Our Tests

Our favorite is the Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker.

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Best Coffee Makers With Grinders

One of the best ways to achieve the perfect morning brew is by utilizing a coffee maker with a built-in grinder. Much like many other types of food, coffee beans are best served fresh, so having a component in your coffee maker that can produce freshly ground coffee on the spot will make your coffee taste better. Coffee makers with grinders are also convenient because they're a two-in-one device, so not only are you saving precious kitchen counter space, but you're also eliminating the need to buy a separate grinding appliance.

We tested 22 different coffee makers with grinders in our Lab, including drip, espresso, and automatic machines, evaluating them on their ease of use, standard and added features, and ultimately, the quality of the coffee they produced. Our top pick is the Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker. Our tester thoroughly enjoyed the taste of the coffee made by this machine, its ability to set your coffee preferences and schedule when the machine will make your coffee, and how easy it was to clean.

Read on to learn more about the best coffee makers with grinders and how to choose the best one for your coffee needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Coffee Maker with Grinder: Breville The Grind Control

Breville The Grind Control


Who it's for: People who want a drip coffee machine with personalized settings, including scheduling options.

Who it isn't for: People who want to make multiple types of coffee at home, including espresso.

This Breville coffee maker's ease of use, convenient features, and ability to make a delicious cup of coffee make it a great option for drip lovers. Our tester described the coffee they produced from this machine to be "very smooth and tasty," and appreciated how there were no grounds at the bottom of the cup, which is a common pitfall with home coffee makers. This is likely due to the presence of the burr grinder, which is the preferred grinder type among professionals, as it is able to produce a more even grind compared to its blade counterpart.

The Breville Grind Control model is able to make up to 12 cups of coffee and boasts an insulated carafe, a feature our tester loved. This traditional coffee maker has been made contemporary with its stainless steel exterior and digital display. On the display, you can select your preferred grind setting and see how long it will take to brew. You can also take advantage of the auto-start feature, which essentially allows you to pre-schedule when and how you want your coffee. And if you decide mid-production that you don't need as much coffee as you anticipated, you can utilize the machine's Brew Pause Drip technology to stop the cycle. Our tester found this machine to be easy to take apart and clean, though did note that when utilizing the grinder, it takes about six minutes to produce coffee.

Product Details:

  • Grinder Type: Burr
  • Brew Capacity: 12 cups
  • Size: 12.5 x 8.5 x 16.3 inches

Best Budget Coffee Maker with Grinder: Cuisinart Grind & Brew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DGB-2 Grind & Brew Single-Serve Coffee Maker


Who it's for: People who want a single-serve coffee maker with a burr grinder.

Who it isn't for: People who want a drip coffee maker with a carafe.

While shopping around you might be shocked to find out that coffee makers with built-in grinders can run upwards of $1,000. This Cuisinart coffee maker is much more budget-friendly, offering coffee lovers a reliable, lower-cost product without sacrificing the quality of the brew. Our tester found that the Cuisinart Grind & Brew model made "smooth and silky classic drip coffee." This can be attributed to the conical burr, which, like the traditional burr grinder, is known for producing evenly ground beans. Plus, this machine is lightning fast. Compared to all the other coffee makers with grinders that we tested, this produced a cup the fastest, at less than a minute and a half.

The control panel features different buttons that allow you to choose between an 8-, 10-, and 12-ounce cup of coffee. The hopper, which can hold up to 100 grams of beans, has a tight seal that helps lock in freshness, should you end up not using all of your beans that day. There is also a see-through 48-ounce water tank located in the back of the machine that allows you to easily see when you need a refill. Plus, thanks to its included coffee pod-making vessel, it's compatible with a variety of coffee pods, including Keurig. Although it can work in a variety of kitchens, our tester did note that due to its comparatively smaller size, it's a great option for people with small kitchens.

Product Details:

  • Grinder Type: Conical burr
  • Brew Capacity: 1 cup
  • Size: 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches

Best Splurge Coffee Maker with Grinder: Miele CM 5310 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine

Miele CM 5310 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine


Who it's for: Serious coffee drinkers who want a hi-tech machine that comes with a variety of features.

Who it isn't for: People who don't want to splurge on a luxury item.

Our tester found this product to be "an amazing splurge coffee maker that anyone would love to own." The German-engineered Miele brand is known for creating a wide variety of high-quality appliances that, although quite expensive, manage to stay in tip-top shape for at least a decade. The Miele CM 5310 Silence Coffee Maker is no different, and stands out for being a drip coffee- and espresso-maker in one. You can make up to eight cups of drip, and use the espresso and milk frother to make cappuccinos, caffe lattes, and more. Our tester was particularly impressed with the frother, noting that "you don't have to move it up and down" to froth, and that "it froths perfectly automatically" with little to no effort.

The control panel features a touch screen and allows you to create user profiles so that the people in your household can save their preferred coffee settings without having to re-input them when it's time to make their cup of coffee. The coffee maker can also make two coffee drinks at once. As for maintenance, you can rest easy knowing that cleaning this Miele coffee maker is super easy. Not only are there two self-cleaning mechanisms in place (the milk frother and descaling program), but the removable components (the drip tray, water container, and waste container) are dishwasher-safe.

Product Details:

  • Grinder Type: Conical burr
  • Brew Capacity: 2 cups
  • Size: 18.1 x 9.5 x 14.2 inches

Best Espresso Coffee Maker with Grinder: De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio Espresso Machine

De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio Espresso Machine


Who it's for: Espresso aficionados who want to make professional-quality espresso at home.

Who it isn't for: People who don't want to spend a lot on an espresso machine.

This Italian-made coffee machine is ideal for people who want to make cafe-quality espresso at home. The sharp design was inspired by traditional coffee machines used by the professionals in Italy. Our tester was certainly wowed by the "very attractive, classic design" and ended up being equally impressed with the quality of the coffee, saying the machine produced "fast, great flavor." The De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio Espresso Machine gives you all the tools you need to become a barista, including a burr grinder that has eight grind settings, three temperature settings, and a built-in tampering station that gives you the right amount of pressure to produce the perfect brew. You are also given a steam wand to help you with your latte art skills.

Another standout feature of this espresso maker is that it is capable of making espresso and frothing milk at the same time, cutting down on production time. There's also a sensor that alerts you when you need to refill your beans, and technology that is able to extract the exact amount of beans necessary to produce a shot of espresso. With all these steps and features, our tester found this De'Longhi coffee maker to be "easy to use and control" and "very quiet," the latter of which can be hard to come by in large coffee makers with built-in grinders.

Product Details:

  • Grinder Type: Burr
  • Brew Capacity: 1 cup
  • Size: 15 x 14.48 x 17.5 inches

Best Dual-Sided Coffee Maker with Grinder: Cuisinart SS-GB1 Coffee Center Grind & Brew Plus

Cuisinart SS-GB1 Coffee Center Grind & Brew Plus

Crate & Barrel

Who it's for: People who want a drip coffee maker that can keep the coffee warm for a prolonged amount of time.

Who it isn't for: People who want their coffee brewed quickly.

Households that enjoy classic drip coffee will get a lot of use out of this large coffee maker. The Cuisinart Grind & Brew Plus model allows you to make up to 12 cups of coffee and includes a heater plate that the included carafe sits on, which will keep your coffee warm for hours. You can use freshly-ground coffee beans with the built-in blade grinder, or use pre-ground coffee to make your cup of joe. The machine also has an automatic shut-off that will power the machine down between zero to four hours of use, whichever you prefer. Plus, there is a clean button that illuminates to let you know of scale buildup that needs to be cleaned within the machine.

To the side of this drip station you'll find a smaller station where you can make coffee from coffee pods. Compatible pods include Cuisinart's own line, HomeBarista, and other popular options like Keurig. Although our tester found that the machine produced a "pretty good cup of coffee" they weren't pleased that it took nine minutes to make drip coffee, which was one of the longest production times of other coffee makers we tested. They also noted that the grinder is "very loud," and that looks-wise, there are certainly more stylish options on the market. Still, this is a great option if you like to make both single-serve and full pots of coffee.

Product Details:

  • Grinder Type: Blade
  • Brew Capacity: 12 cups
  • Size: 10.75 x 11.73 x 15.93 inches

Most Versatile Coffee Maker with Grinder: Terra Kaffe TK-01 Coffee Maker

Terra Kaffe TK-01 Coffee Maker


Who it's for: People who want an automatic espresso machine that can be personalized to exact preferences.

Who it isn't for: People who don't have a lot of available kitchen counter space.

If you want your coffee maker to produce great coffee and look smashing on your kitchen countertop, choose this super stylish model from Terra Kaffe. The TK-01 allows you to brew a wide variety of coffee drinks, including an americano, an espresso shot, a latte, cappuccino, and more. Of all the machines we tested, our tester found the Terra Kaffe's shot of espresso to be the "best thus far," calling the brew "silky smooth."

This is a great option for people who want to make espresso drinks at home but don't want to go through the effort of having to prepare it themselves. Our tester was thrilled by the TK-01's overall convenience: "It does exactly what you want it to do and you don't have to do anything except just press a button." However, if the mood ever does strike you to compose your own espresso-based drink, the machine does give you the capability to froth your own milk. You can either grind your coffee within the machine or pour pre-ground coffee into the available chute. Our tester did note that due to its length, you'll need "very deep counters" in order for it to fit on your kitchen countertop. As such, this model is great for people with large kitchens who have a lot of available counter space.

Product Details:

  • Grinder Type: Conical burr
  • Brew Capacity: 12 cups
  • Size: 17.3 x 10.6 x 14 inches

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker for its ability to make delectable drip coffee and its convenient features, which include an insulated carafe and ability to schedule when your coffee is made. We also appreciated how easy it was for us to take apart and clean.

Our Testing Process

We tested 22 coffee makers with grinders in our Lab. First, we tested the effectiveness of each built-in grinder by grinding up the same type and amount of coffee for each. We noted the consistency of the ground coffee and whether the end result contained an excess amount of debris or dust. We then took the ground coffee and used it to make coffee in the machines, evaluating the quality of the flavor produced and how fast it took to make. If the coffee maker included a milk frother, we also assessed each one's performance. Our testers also took into account the coffee maker's overall ease of use, noting how intuitive the controls were and the clarity of the provided instruction manual, as well as how easy it was to clean once we finished our testing. We took all of these insights into account to come up with the best coffee makers with grinders.

best coffee makers with grinders
Real Simple / Russell Kilgore

How to Shop for Coffee Makers With Grinders


Generally, coffee makers that have built-in grinders are either drip coffee makers, espresso makers, or combination automatic machines. Which one you should get depends on what types of coffee drinks you'd like to make in your home and how much time you're willing to spend making coffee. Drip coffee makers with grinders are the least expensive of the three, and depending how much coffee you make (some can make upwards of 12 cups), it could take a short to moderate amount of time (think: 2 to 9 minutes).

Espresso makers are much faster, with the ability to produce a shot in less than one minute. Espresso makers are by far the most expensive coffee makers with grinder, as they come with more features than a drip coffee maker. In addition to a grinder and the ability to produce espresso, espresso makers typically come with milk frothing capabilities and sometimes automatic tamping technology. All of this and more ultimately adds up, resulting in extremely high price tags. These types of machines are best for people who really love going through the process of making themselves an espresso-based drink every morning.

There are also automatic machines that allow you to make drip coffee, espresso, and espresso-based drinks with just the push of a button. How long your drink will take depends on the type, though considering it is automatic, it shouldn't take longer than a couple of minutes. The variety of drinks available and incredible ease of convenience also make this coffee maker type quite pricey.

Grinder Type

There are two types of grinders: blade and burr. Blade grinders are similar to the blades in a blender, with the blades breaking up the coffee beans to turn them into grounds. Burrs, on the other hand, are two metal circular rings that contain a sharp pattern. When pressed together with the sharp pattern side down on top of each other, the beans enter through the opening and become crushed as they move through these sharp patterns. Coffee professionals agree that this method yields a more consistent, uniform grind than a blade, resulting in a more quality cup of coffee. Just keep in mind that coffee makers with burr grinders tend to be more expensive.


Coffee lovers may get so excited at the prospect of a brand new coffee maker that they may overlook how big the machine actually is, and whether or not they have space to fit it in their kitchen. Coffee makers with built-in grinders are bigger than regular models and require more counter space. Make sure to measure out the product before you buy to ensure that it'll comfortably fit on your kitchen countertop and is within a close distance to an electrical outlet.

best coffee makers with grinders
Real Simple / Russell Kilgore

More Coffee Makers With Grinders to Consider

Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew Thermal Coffee Maker: Our tester found the resulting brew to be "a nice classic cup of coffee" and liked how quiet the machine was during production. However, they didn't like how bulky the machine was and how cheap it looked.

Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine: We were impressed with the touch digital display, which allows you to choose your beverage via image. However, our tester found that the espresso tasted more like "weak coffee" than a strong shot of espresso.

De'Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine: Our tester was super pleased with how well the milk frother worked and noted that the resulting brew leaned acidic. They noted that espresso-making knowledge is required when using this coffee maker because overall, figuring out how to use the machine was not at all easy.

Questions You Might Ask

How do I clean a coffee maker with a grinder?

It depends on the coffee maker. First, consult your instruction manual as it will have a detailed guide about how to safely clean your coffee maker and grinder (if the grinder is removable). You may find that you don't have to do as much cleaning as you anticipated, as some modern coffee makers have self-cleaning parts, while others can be removed and put in the dishwasher. To clean a drip coffee maker, you should be regularly washing your filters, carafes, and baskets either by hand or in the dishwasher (if they are designated as dishwasher-friendly).

To clean the insides you can't reach, start by mixing equal parts water and vinegar into the coffee maker's chamber. Then, click on the power switch and let it do its thing. When about half of the mixture has brewed, turn the machine off and let everything sit for an hour. After that, turn the machine back on to finish the coffee cycle. Discard the remaining mixture and then repeat the process with clean water until you no longer smell vinegar in the machine.

Take Our Word for It

This article was written by Rachel Center, a long-time coffee lover and product reviews home writer for Real Simple. To compile this list, we tested 22 coffee makers with grinders in our Lab and evaluated each model on its ease of use, added features, how long it took to make the coffee, and the quality and taste of the produced coffee.

What Is Real Simple Selects?

Next to each product on this list, you may have noticed a Real Simple Selects seal of approval. Any product appearing alongside that seal has been vetted by our team—put through tests and graded on its performance to earn a spot on our list. Although we buy most of the products we test, sometimes we do get samples from companies if purchasing a product ourselves isn't an option. If that's the case, we test the product just like we test anything we buy, but we also disclose that we received it for free to be as transparent with you as possible.

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