This $15 Baking Mat Is Like a Cheat Sheet for Perfecting Bread, Pie Dough, and Pastry

Users call the oven-safe silicone mat a “game changer.”

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Bake Buddy Silicone Pastry Mat Baking Set

Even the most seasoned baker can use help sometimes. As someone who loves baking and forces desserts upon my family on a weekly basis, I know my way around a good pie crust, sponge cake, or chewy batch of chocolate chip cookies. But when it comes to things like measurements and conversions, I still find myself reaching for my phone with flour-dusted fingers, trying to switch from pounds to grams or liters to gallons.

That's where a cheat sheet would come in handy, and Amazon shoppers say Bake Buddy's Silicone Baking Mat—which displays measurements, common conversions, and even circles for spacing out cookie dough directly on the mat—makes ″their baking life better.″ With more than 1,400 perfect ratings and a collective 4.7-star grade, the pastry mat is bound to become a go-to for holiday bakers planning to whip up a lot of creations this season.

Bake Buddy Silicone Pastry Mat Baking Set

To buy: $15;

Not only is Bake Buddy's silicone mat naturally nonstick, but it's also anti-slip so you won't have to deal with it sliding around your countertop while trying to knead dough. All four sides of the mat have ruler marks in inches so you can easily measure long pieces of dough or pastry for breadsticks or shortbread. You'll find conversion charts for weight, liquids, and oven temperature, allowing you to quickly switch between numbers for recipes. There's even a measuring circle in the center of the mat that's convenient for getting dough or pastry, such as pizzas and pie crusts, into perfectly round circles.

Since the baking mat is dishwasher- and oven-safe (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit), it can be the only baking accessory you need for making certain pastries from start to finish. The mat is "great for kneading," wrote a reviewer. "My mama and I needed a place to knead bread, roll out pies, and cut biscuits in my little kitchen on my untreated wood table. This mat is perfect because it sticks to the table, wipes clean, and is so big that nothing spreads close to the edges. It rolls up floppy like a yoga mat, so it fits great in the cabinet with the cookie sheets. Definitely worth the price."

Others rave over how easy it is to use. One user called it a ″game changer″ and said: "This product is a must for any baker! It serves so many purposes, is easy to clean and rolls right up, taking almost no space. Before I got this mat, I was lugging a big, heavy marble slab out of the garage. Now, I just roll out this mat, do all my baking, wipe it down and roll it back up and put it away. It is really big, so there is plenty of room for rolling out dough. There are also lots of handy guides, and it even comes with a small baking mat that I have also been using!"

If you're ready to impress guests with precise, professional-looking desserts this season, Bake Buddy's silicone mat might be the handy baking assistant you're looking for. Shop it on Amazon in a large size for $15.

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