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By Christina Butan
Updated May 09, 2019

As much as we love slicing and dicing avocados to use on top of toast or a nice grain bowl, they’re tricky to keep fresh once you’ve already sliced them open. Sometimes we buy them with the intention of using the whole thing for a recipe, while other times we simply want to eat half one day and half the next. Unfortunately, they brown quickly due to air exposure (just like apples). And while that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad to eat, smearing a browning avocado on your toast is definitely less appealing. Fortunately, Amazon is full of clever inventions that can make our lives easier (like these super cheap and effective water bottle cleaning tablets), and we found a tool that actually preserves our precious avocados.

Meet Avocado Huggers, the silicone food savers shaped like half an avocado that keep halves fresher longer. This kitchen accessory is a must-have for anyone who loves avocados and purchases them weekly—and right now, they’re on sale for over 30 percent off. Each set of the reusable and BPA-free silicone huggers comes with two sizes (one large and one small), both with nifty “pit pockets” that can be pushed in or out depending on whether or not the half you’re saving has a pit.


To buy: $11 (was $16); amazon.com.

Customers love that the Food Huggers work much better than using plastic wrap or Ziploc bags and keep their avocados fresh for longer than other methods.

“With my avocado ‘addiction,’ this was a GREAT addition to my collection of food savers. I had always tried (in vain) to keep all of the air off the leftover half by wrapping tightly in cellophane, but it never held quite right,” one shopper wrote. “Nothing is perfect for saving this delicate fruit, but this is the way better way that I was fortunate to find.”

If you’re an avid avocado eater, or just want a better solution to saving those leftover fruits and veggies, these Avocado Huggers might be what your kitchen has been missing all this time. And if you’re not an avocado fan, the company also makes other Food Hugger sets ($13; amazon.com) meant for preserving fruits and veggies like bananas, onions, tomatoes, and apples.