It’s the best appliance I own.

Sure, you can get a perfectly decent vacuum for a modest price—but certain situations (a home with pets or messy toddlers, for example) call for the big guns. Our food editor Ananda Eidelstein swears that splurging on the Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum was a game-changing investment that has helped her feel more comfortable in her space. The compact and flexible appliance ensures she can speed through household chores, without hunching over or sacrificing cleanliness.  To buy: $244;

Let’s face it—vacuuming is just not fun. It’s something we do to keep the dust bunnies away, indoor allergies at bay, and for the beauty of walking barefoot on a floor that actually feels clean. As a food editor, I can cook and stand on my feet for eight hours straight and I’m okay with that. But I don’t know about you, crouching over a vacuum and swinging it back and forth just hurts my back. Like really hurts my back. Not to mention the bending over and plugging and unplugging for every area in the house, or switching the setting from hardwood to rug. No, it’s not difficult, but it’s just a little annoying. What I need is efficiency. I want to get my place clean as fast as humanly possible without any obstacles in the way.

So when I had a few friends start raving about their Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum my ears perked up. They’d say things like “so easy” and “so fast.” I was conveniently moving into a new place, so getting rid of my mediocre vacuum cleaner that doesn’t actually deserve to be named wasn’t a big loss. And if this meant keeping my apartment clean (which it has) then I was game to make an investment for the cleanliness of my apartment. 

Dyson is not kidding when they say hassle-free. This cord-free vacuum really and truly is that. Long are the days of bending over to repeatedly re-plug or change settings. Now, I just make sure it’s charged (which is as easy as charging your phone), I press the trigger on the handle to turn it on and away it goes. And it automatically turns off when you release the trigger. It has almost 20 minutes of continuous suction to get your floors mighty clean. Depending on your space, you’ll have plenty of time left over before having to recharge for some touch-ups midweek. I love that the cleaner head cleans all floor types and easily rotates to get into tight corners and underneath furniture. Plus, it’s a total space-saver and it comes with a wall attachment so you can hang it in a closet if you choose.

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The investment was well worth it. I don’t mind vacuuming my place now at all, and I feel good when I do it. No more hunching over and it is fast, efficient, and actually kind of fun. I no longer view it as a burden because it is incredibly convenient and fast. Mom would be proud.