It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

By Priyanka Aribindi
Updated August 08, 2017
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Hamilton Beach 8 Cup Food Processor

I’ve always envied people who can slice and dice their veggies with ease. On cooking shows, food videos, and even in my own house, so many people excel at julienning carrots, while mine always end up in uneven chunks. It seems like everyone picked up their perfect knife skills in Home Economics the one day I was out sick.

But worrying about my skills (or lack thereof) and suffering their less than desirable consequences in my dinners became a thing of the past after this year’s Amazon Prime Day. I promised myself leading up to the sale that I wouldn't get carried away by the crazy good deals, and for the most part I stuck to that promise—except for one item: the Hamilton Beach 8 Cup Food Processor ($30,

A food processor wasn’t originally on my list, but at less than $30 during the sale, I was astonished at the price—especially compared to other leading brands. With the countdown of the deal clock already underway, it didn’t take long for me to justify adding it to my growing cart.

Having never owned a food processor before, I didn’t know exactly what I was signing up for—only that this 8-cup iteration was much larger than the single-serving Magic Bullet ($37, my roommates and I were using at the time.

After my usual Sunday afternoon trip to the grocery store, I unloaded my produce haul and decided to give my new purchase a spin. What resulted changed my routine forever.

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The food processor turned my onions and bell peppers into perfectly-sized, uniform pieces in seconds. (Plus, no more crying cutting onions!) I had been buying my veggies whole rather than pre-sliced to save money, but I quickly learned that by using the processor to chop them as soon as I bought them, I would save time, too.

Previously, when I went to make myself an egg scramble for breakfast or dinner, I would cut up a whole onion or pepper and save the leftover diced pieces for my next meal. Consolidating it into one step (peeling or de-stemming the veggie, then processing right after bringing them home) has made whipping up a meal so much faster. I'm thankful every time I’m running late in the morning, or when I come home from work starving.

The best part? The tool works so quickly that I only have to budget five minutes max to have all of my produce chopped and ready to go in my fridge, and have the processor itself cleaned and on my dish rack. Sometimes impulse buys really do pay off.