Make loading the dishwasher a little less annoying—you deserve it.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated January 30, 2019
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Dishwasher silverware basket extension - Woman loading dishwasher
Credit: Dougal Waters/Getty Images

Loading the dishwasher (and, eventually, unloading it) may be one of the least glamorous weekly chores out there. Hear me out: It doesn’t take much effort, so you don’t get the satisfaction from hard work you’d get from scrubbing the bathroom grout or mopping the floor. It’s drawn out over days, usually, so adding a new dish after every meal is an unpleasant reminder of all the dirty dishes just waiting to be cleaned. And if you share your space with a partner, family members, or roommates, you have to deal with other people’s dishwasher loading habits, which will never be quite right in your eyes. (I know I’m not alone here.)

There’s not much to be done about the minor inconveniences of dealing with the dishwasher—it is called a chore for a reason, after all—but that doesn’t mean we can’t solve other dishwasher annoyances. Namely, how there never seems to be a spot for that ladle, or for all the silverware, or for that sauce-splattered pot lid. Even full-size dishwashers can run out of space, and adding irregular items, or those not dish- or bowl-shaped, just exacerbates the issue.

I thought I was fated to suffer these issues in silence until Real Simple editor and resident product expert Brandi Broxson introduced me to the DishTrick DISHEXTEND Dishwasher Extension Bundle ($12;

DishTrick DISHEXTEND Dishwasher Extension Bundle

Brandi tells me the bundle made her dishwasher so much more efficient—music to my ears. This affordable little bundle has an extra dishwasher silverware basket, for all those spoons that just don’t fit in the main basket; six light item clips, for holding small or likely-to-tip items in place; a side clip for holding oddly shaped items in place; and a side utensil clip for holding cooking tools neatly on the side of the dishwasher rack, not sprawled in the center where it takes up unnecessary space. That should be more than enough to solve some of those spacing issues, especially if you find yourself constantly arranging the dishwasher to fit those items.

This won’t teach you how to clean a dishwasher or correct your co-habitants' dishwasher loading habits, but it might make dealing with the dishwasher just a little bit easier.