The 10 Best Toaster Ovens for All Your Cooking Needs, According to Thousands of Reviews

One comes with French doors. (Ooh la la.)

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Cuisinart Air Fryer and Toaster Oven

A quality toaster oven is a must-have kitchen appliance for a reason. Not only are they the easiest way to toast bread and bagels, but they can also be used to quickly warm up food—and believe it or not, some can even be used to cook full meals. These top-of-the-line models include cool features like built-in rotisseries or air fryers, while others use infrared heating to evenly distribute heat throughout any dish. Like most big-ticket items, choosing the right toaster oven for you can feel overwhelming. So who better to turn to for advice than real shoppers who have purchased and tested out these handy appliances for themselves? To help save you time, we did the research and read through hundreds of reviews to find the top ten toaster ovens on the market. Not only do each of these picks have near-perfect ratings, but they also have thousands of glowing customer reviews between them. From compact toaster ovens to convection ovens to oversized options, keep reading to see which toaster ovens customers love the most.

Best Large Option: Oster Extra-Large Convection Countertop Oven

Oster Extra-Large Convection Oven

With an impressive 4.4-star rating and over 1,400 reviews, this option by Oster is one of the most popular toaster ovens at Walmart. The super spacious model uses a special convection system that evenly heats up food—and it’s even big enough to fit a full-sized frozen pizza. Along with an easy-to-use digital keypad, the appliance can be used to toast, bake, and defrost a wide variety of foods.

With a sleek stainless steel finish that’ll look good in any kitchen, this option also boasts an automatic shut-off feature—so you never have to worry about accidentally leaving it on. . “This oven is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time! Since I received it, I have not used my big oven except to bake a Christmas ham. The racks are very good quality. I've baked muffins, pizza, chicken, casseroles — everything. It is so easy to use and so easy to clean. I absolutely love the convection feature. It is large, so you will need to make sure you have room for it. It is well worth making room for,” said one customer.

To buy: $109;

Best Option with a Built-In Air Fryer: Cuisinart Air Fryer and Toaster Oven

Cuisinart Air Fryer and Toaster

Looking for a two-in-one toaster oven that also functions as an air fryer? Check out this two-in-one Cuisinart option. You can cook up to four pounds of food at a time in this roomy toaster oven, and along with toasting and air-frying food, you can also bake and broil dishes. The multifunctional appliance has an adjustable thermostat and a non-stick interior, making it very easy to clean.

Over 2,100 Home Depot customers have given it their seal of approval. One reviewer said “I don't have a lot of counter space and I had a toaster oven that I used every day so I bought this unit because it was an air fryer and a toaster oven and would fit in the same space. What a wonderful experience. First of all, all the air fryers we looked at were plastic and clumsy to open. This unit is metal, easy to open and very easy to clean. Frozen foods are a breeze, and it also makes wonderful toast. It cost a little more than some of the plastic models but in my opinion, it's well worth the cost.”

To buy: $200;

Best Option for Broiling: Oster Digital Countertop Convection Toaster Oven

Oster Digital Countertop Convection Oven

This Oster appliance is the number one best-selling toaster oven on Amazon for a reason. It has easy-to-use digital controls, seven different cooking settings, and it can even fit up to six slices of bread at once. Along with an interior light (so you can check on your food while it’s cooking), this option boasts a handy function that allows you to choose what shade of toast you’d like.

Over 7,400 Amazon customers have given it a 4.1-star rating, with many mentioning how good the oven’s broiling functionality is. “Very pleased with my Oster Toaster Oven,” said one happy customer. “It has a large capacity and bakes and broils beautifully as well as toasting. I think I will enjoy having it. Use a toaster oven a lot in the summer so the kitchen won't heat up that much.”

To buy: $65;

Best Convection Option: Black + Decker Convection Countertop Oven

Black + Decker Convection Oven

This Black + Decker convection toaster oven uses convection heat to evenly and efficiently cook food. It includes two adjustable racks and is roomy enough to fit a 12-inch frozen pizza. The appliance also has a toast timer that allows you to choose your preferred toast shade and an external crumb tray that catches any drips or loose bits of food—making cleanup a breeze.

It has a 4.2-star rating with over 500 reviews at Walmart, with many customers raving about how fast the oven cooks food. “This toaster was well packaged and easy to set up,” said one reviewer. “One thing I was looking for was a lower tray that would be easy to remove due to crumbs. This one has it. Additionally, the features are easy to read and figure out. Lastly, it includes two separate shelves for a large area to toast many pieces of bread or to cook a pizza.”

To buy: $48;

Best French Door Option: Oster Digital French Door Toaster Oven

Oster Digital French Door Oven

This Oster french door toaster oven has a coveted Amazon’s Choice recommendation thanks to over 7,400 customers leaving glowing reviews. Using turbo convention technology to cook food faster and more evenly, the appliance also boasts user-friendly digital controls and two adjustable baking racks.

The best part? The handy appliance can cook a meal with 50 percent less energy than your standard electric oven, and it even has an interior light so you can check on your food without opening the toaster. One shopper raved, “Love it. I use my oven for most of my cooking because it is usually too hot to use the stove oven. So far this has worked great. The inside is large enough to bake a cake or a nice tenderloin and it is so easy to clean, a good wipe down usually does the trick.”

To buy: $175 (Originally $199);

Best Option With Infrared Heating: Panasonic Toaster Oven NB-G110P

Panasonic Oven NB-G110P

Interested in trying a toaster oven that uses infrared heating? Check out this option from Panasonic. The 1300-watt toaster oven can heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and has six preset cooking modes. It also uses FlashXpress Instant heating technology for faster preheat and cooking times.

The high-tech gadget has over 2,600 reviews and a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. One customer called it, “the best toaster I’ve ever owned,” before adding, “fantastic toast in two minutes, frozen pizza in 12 minutes and cooked to perfection (a conventional oven won't even pre-heat in that same time.) Cooking times are at least half of what a conventional oven would take and better than a microwave for reheating food. I am very pleased with this purchase.”

To buy: $126;

Best Compact Option: Mueller Austria Multifunction Toaster Oven

Mueller Austria Multifunction Toaster

If you don’t have the space for a large countertop appliance but still want the convenience of a toaster oven, this compact toaster oven from Mueller Austria is exactly what you need. While it’s smaller than other options on this list, it’s still roomy enough to toast four slices of bread at once. It has four heat settings—including a “keep warm” option—and comes with a two-year no-hassle replacement policy.

Over 500 Amazon customers are fans of the toaster oven—one said, “I love this toaster oven. It's very easy to use. It heats up very fast and won't make you wait long. I love that it cooks evenly. All the settings are very helpful and useful. I love the detachable tray that makes it easy to clean the oven, very convenient. The oven is compact and won't take up too much space in your kitchen. It has a beautiful stainless steel finish that goes perfectly with my other appliances. The only thing is this oven's surface gets really hot while operating, so make sure to be careful. Overall, very nice, a quality toaster oven that looks great. Highly recommended.”

To buy: $50;

Best Option With a Rotisserie: Hamilton Beach Black Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven

Ever wanted to make a rotisserie chicken at home? If so, this Hamilton Beach toaster oven is right for you. The handy appliance works just like a conventional toaster oven, but with the added bonus of having a revolving rotisserie feature (and all the necessary tools). It also comes with two cooking racks, two baking pans, and broiler racks, so you can whip up plenty of other dishes as well.

It has an impressive 4.6-star rating at Home Depot. “We bought this countertop oven as a wedding gift for our daughter,” said one customer. “We had purchased one for ourselves last year and have been extremely pleased. Since there are only two of us, it is perfect. In fact, we use it as much as our regular ovens. The rotisserie feature is especially nice, as is the convection setting. Our daughter and son-in-law are already enjoying theirs as much as we enjoy ours.”

To buy: $94;

Best Smart Oven: Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven With Element IQ

Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven

This smart oven from Breville uses Element IQ technology to transmit heat through four quartz elements, leaving you with perfectly cooked food every single time. It has eight different cooking settings, including bagel, pizza, reheat, baking, and more. The toaster oven also features a non-stick coating for easy cleanup and an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen.

Over 2,200 Amazon customers are fans of this savvy appliance. One customer raved, “I bought this more than three years ago and it is useful and reliable. This Breville oven is a giant leap beyond your standard toaster oven and I have had many over the years. Digitally set temperature and timer. Smart control of the four heating elements is used to offer many preset configurations including broil, bake, roast, toast and a few others used with the three shelf levels. It arrived with an excellent oven pan that I use continually. I recommend this product.”

To buy: $150;

Best 2-in-1 Option: Hamilton Beach Toastation 2-in-1 Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach Toastation 2-in-1 Toaster

If you enjoy traditional two-slice toasters but also need the convenience of an oven, opt for this two-in-one toaster oven from Hamilton Beach. The upper layer functions as a typical two-slice toaster, while the bottom is a full-on toaster oven that can fit up to two personal-sized pizzas in it at once.

With an automatic shutoff feature for added safety and a removable crumb tray for easy cleanup, it’s easy to see why over 1,400 reviewers gave this super versatile appliance a 4.3-star rating. “I love this little toaster oven. I already had one for my kitchen and ordered this one for the RV,” said one shopper. “It works great for cooking small items in the oven as well as making toast. I have cooked cheese toast, hot dogs, fish sticks, sweet potatoes, and biscuits in the oven. I like the color and it doesn't take up a lot of counter space.”

To buy: $45;

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