Love it or hate it, the majority of people picked this go-to kitchen brand as their favorite.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated January 28, 2019
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modern kitchen with sleek kitchen tools, appliances, and gadgets
Credit: Eric Audras/Getty Images

If decorating a kitchen is like baking a cake, stocking that kitchen with trusted kitchen gadgets, tools, and small appliances is like icing it and adding toppers with the little details that can make or break a kitchen’s functionality. Some are essential kitchen tools, such as knives and a cutting board; other cool gadgets are more specialized, such as a juicer or tortilla press. Takeout aficionados will bypass the careful selection of kitchen tools, but anyone who plans to do a good bit of cooking (casual or otherwise) will want to make sure they’re picking the best kitchen tools from the most-trusted brands.

Recent survey results from Sous Vide Guy try to figure out exactly which brands people love, use, and trust the most, plus which kitchen appliances and tools people buy and use most often. The survey asks 999 people about their kitchen tool and brand preferences, plus how often they use these items when they cook.

One of the most interesting questions is about people’s favorites—the appliances or tools they love the most, regardless of how often they’re used or how popular they are. For kitchen brands, Keurig (and its now-ubiquitous coffeemakers) comes in on top; 51.8 percent of respondents say Keurig is their favorite kitchen brand, which just goes to show that the way to almost anyone’s heart is through his or her caffeine intake. KitchenAid comes in second, with 18.1 percent of people calling the multi-tasking brand known for stand mixers, blenders, food processors, and more their favorite. Other top brands include NutriBullet, Vitamix, and Brita. (Brita is also the most-used kitchen brand, according to the survey.)

Other interesting findings from the study include the most-used kitchen appliances and tools (microwave, cutting board, and nonstick pan) and the most satisfying kitchen brands. For the latter, Vitamix comes in first, with 91.7 percent of people with a Vitamix blender saying they are satisfied with it. KitchenAid (89.7 percent) and Keurig (84.6 percent) round out the top three.

If following the crowd is a major factor in picking kitchen add-ons, the most-purchased kitchen brands may be of interest. Keurig comes in first again, with 59.9 percent of people having purchased one of the K-cup–using coffeemakers, followed by Brita and KitchenAid. Based on the findings of this study, sticking to Keurig, KitchenAid, Vitamix, and Brita products are safe bets—something to consider next time it’s time to pick up another kitchen tool or appliance.