14 Kitchen Gadgets That Stand the Test of Time 

As seen in our moms’ cupboards and drawers.

Love fades, seasons change, but some Pyrex bowls last forever. We dipped into our mothers’ kitchens to see which gadgets were still kicking after all these years. Below, some great gift ideas for the moms in your life.


Electric Skillet

Photo by Tsuji/Getty Images

Bun Bun (my mother, so named because of her maiden name Buncic) has always been a fan of (and uses to this day, nearly every day) her electric frying pan. If she were only allowed to use one kitchen item for the rest of her life, I think this one would be it. —Steph Sisco, Staff Home Editor

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Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

It’s definitely our heart-shaped waffle iron. Growing up, my friends would come over specifically for these waffles, and my dad still makes them for us when we come home for the holidays. This isn’t the exact model we had growing up but it’ll get you close. —Grace Elkus, Associate Food Editor

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Stainless Steel Box Grater

My mom and grandma both said that their stainless steel box grater is the one sturdy constant in their kitchen. It’s most often used to shred Colby-Jack for pimento cheese spread or cheddar for my great-grandmother’s famous squash casserole recipe. —Brandi Broxson, Associate Editor

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Pyrex Mixing Bowl

Both of my grandmas baked almost everyday and what I remember most is that they each had a favorite large Pyrex mixing bowl. Grandma Georgia’s was yellow and Grandma Von’s was blue. They never used anything else. —Wendy Granger, Photo Editor

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Manual Food Chopper

“Tuna chopper” for tuna salad (duh!), and egg salad. —Rachael Weiner, Senior Style and Market Editor

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Stainless Steel Pastry Blender

A pastry blender that’s all stainless steel rather than wooden or plastic handle, so you can wash it a bunch or soak it without the handle loosening. —Leslie Yazel, Editor-in-Chief

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Porcelain Egg Cups

Some of my mom’s favorites included a pot lid that worked with several size pans, a fish poacher (great for asparagus, too), and porcelain egg cups. —George Kimmerling, Executive Managing Editor

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Pyrex Baking Dishes

My mom is a big Pyrex woman. She only used Pyrex bakeware. That kind of stuck in my head and now it’s all I use. —Hannah Norling, Assistant Producer

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Cast Iron Cornbread Pan

A cast iron pan with molds shaped like corn cobs (for making corn bread). —Elizabeth Passarella, Contributing Editor

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Hand Held Egg Beater

My mom still uses one of these hand-crank mixers that I think was my grandmothers. —Rebecca Daly, Senior Fashion Editor

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Corningware Casserole Dish

These Corningware casserole dishes from the late ‘60s are still used daily by my grandma. They’re so good they’re in the Smithsonian! —Liz Steelman, Editorial Assistant

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Grapefruit Spoons

Still in love with my grandmother’s grapefruit spoon. —Brigitt Earley, Deputy Editor

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Hand Crank Flour Sifter

I have the fondest memories of using my mom’s hand-crank flour sifter. That was always “my job” when we were baking together. —Dawn Perry, Food Director

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Cast Iron Skillet

And, the only thing you need in your kitchen—the cast iron skillet. —Rebecca Longshore, Social Media Manager

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