'The Best Tongs Ever' Are on Sale at Amazon Right Now

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304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Tongs
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If you're anything like me, the cannister holding all your kitchen tools is overflowing. I've somehow managed to squeeze an assortment of wooden spoons, rubber spatulas, ladles, slotted spoons, and even a can opener (albeit precariously perched on the side) into one small space. And while having a variety of implements to choose from is unquestionably thrilling, the one I rely on most is one you might not expect: a set of tongs.

My trusty tongs have become an extension of my arm, more faithful than a humble wooden spoon. I employ them to turn meatballs searing in my Dutch oven, flip hunks of fish, stir piles of vegetables roasting in the oven, and transfer ribbons of steaming pasta straight into that neon-orange vodka sauce. And right now, those very same stainless steel cooking tongs are 40% off at Amazon, retailing at just $9 (originally $15).

The best-selling set includes 9-inch and 12-inch tongs, so you're actually walking away with a bonus tool for the price of one. The sturdy tongs have a locking clip that keeps them closed when they're not in use, which is space-saving. Plus, the non-slip surface gives you ultimate control over whatever you're gripping, ensuring sauce and meat doesn't splatter across the floor.

304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Tongs

To buy: $9 (originally $15); amazon.com.

I'm hardly the only one whose cooking practices have changed for the better with these tongs. One Amazon shopper wrote, "Do you ever reach in for that pizza like a wild animal, only to burn your hands on the hot oven grate? Not anymore. With these convenient and sexy tongs, it's like you have go-go gadget hands capable of touching the most extreme heats."

The stainless steel tongs boast over 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, with shoppers divulging their favorite ways to use them: flipping bacon and hot dogs on the grill, frying chicken in deep vats of oil, and even serving food directly at the table.

"I absolutely love this set of tongs," another reviewer shared. "They are the best tongs I have ever used. They grasp the object great, are easy to hold with the super grip handles, and the locking design is great. Even my husband commented that these have a great grip unlike our old ones."

If you're working with tongs that are a little out of shape–or simply don't have a set of your own—I highly recommend nabbing these tongs that are like an extra set of hands in the kitchen. Just know you may never reach for a spatula ever again.

You can shop the stainless steel cooking tongs for $9 on Amazon now.

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