Even after the holidays end.

By Liz Steelman
Updated December 16, 2016
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Credit: target.com

December is full of seasonal-themed food products: holiday Frappuccinos, punny candy bars, and candy cane-flavored everything. However as January rolls around, you might notice your local supermarket's aisles becoming surprisingly bare of fun seasonal foods—that is, until Valentine’s Day. But thanks to Pepperidge Farm, the shelves will be filled with some well-needed cheer during the winter month.

The baked goods company will release their new Toasted Marshmallow Milano national wide on January 1st. Though it’s available in Target stores now, it will expand to all places where Milanos are sold come the New Year. The s'mores-inspired cookie, which resembles your standard Milano, features a sliver of marshmallow atop the classic milk chocolate. And if you’re a conscious cookie consumer, you’ll be happy to know that it’s baked with no artificial flavors or preservatives (though there are some hard-to-pronounce ingredients listed on the package).

Though it sounds like a cozy cookie, does it really stand up to the test? Our Real Simple editors took them for a taste test. Here, our thoughts:

“Pretty good—and I’m not a die-hard Milano fan. Kind of like those vanilla sandwich cookies and a Milano had a baby—adorable. “

“The toasted marshmallow flavor is nice and subtle. It adds almost more of a vanilla/almond extract sort of flavor. It’s definitely a good addition to the Milano family. Nothing insanely special, but you also will not offend anyone with the subtle marshmallow essence. The marshmallow layer is very thin, so if you’re expecting the texture of marshmallow you won’t be able to detect it.”

“I don’t think these taste much different from the originals, so I don’t think I’d seek them out. Maybe there’s a slight hint of vanilla or something. Overall, I liked it.”

“They don’t taste like marshmallows. I’d stick to the mint.”

“They are enjoyable on their own, but the subtle marshmallow flavor really makes me want to dip them in hot chocolate!”

Can’t wait until January to try them yourself? One of our nine creative marshmallow recipes will tide you over until then.