We Tasted Over 100 Breakfast Cereals—These Are Our Favorites

We spooned up more than 100 varieties of breakfast cereals that passed nutritional muster (no sugar bombs!) to find the best cereal options on supermarket shelves. Here's the verdict.

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Best Puffed: Trader Joe's Crisp Rice Cereal

Best Puffed: Trader Joe’s Crisp Rice Cereal

This lightly toasted classic is plenty tasty at a sweet bargain price—and still works perfectly in your favorite marshmallowy treats.

To buy: $2 for 12 oz.; at Trader Joe's.

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Best For Kids: Love Grown Fruity Sea Stars

Best For Kids: Love Grown Fruity Sea Stars

Tasters couldn't believe this subtly sweet pick is made with a three-bean blend. No weird dyes either: The cute shapes get
their colors from radish juice, turmeric, and paprika.

To buy: $5 for 7 oz.; amazon.com

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Best Flakes: Erewhon Corn Flakes

Best Flakes: Erewhon Corn Flakes

Erewhon Corn Flakes Made with only two ingredients—organic milled corn and sea salt—these sturdy flakes stayed crispy in milk long after you'd expect them to turn soggy.

To buy: $5 for 11 oz.; at grocery stores.

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Best Woven: Kellogg's Crispix

Best Woven: Kellogg's Crispix

An open weave and a hollow center give these corn- and-rice crunchies great texture. They're perfect with milk or tossed in sweet and savory snack mixes.

To buy: $4 for 12 oz.; amazon.com

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Best O's: One Degree Organic Foods Sprouted Oat O's

Best O's: One Degree Organic Foods Sprouted Oat O's

One Degree Organic Foods Sprouted Oat O's Oats and garbanzos are soaked to enhance key nutrients in these lightly sweetened O's. Scan the QR code on the box to meet the farmers and producers behind the cereal.

To buy: $5 for 8 oz.; thrivemarket.com

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Best Fiber: Post Grape-Nuts

Best Fiber: Post Grape-Nuts

Post Grape-Nuts Just half a cup of this nutty favorite offers a healthy dose of fiber, six grams of protein, and 90 percent of the recommended daily amount of iron. Try it on ice cream or yogurt.

To buy: $4.50 for 20.5 oz.; amazon.com

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365 Peanut Butter and Cocoa Balls

365 Peanut Butter and Cocoa Balls

For the lovers of peanut butter (and peanut butter cups) this cereal is irresistible. Corn and whole grain oat make up this puffed cereal, but the best part, it's made with real organic peanut butter and cocoa. Just the right amount of sweetness makes this nutty cereal a dream in a bowl of milk.

To buy: $4 for 10 oz., at Whole Foods or amazon.com

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Kashi's Sweet Potato Flakes

Kashi’s Sweet Potato Flakes

These crunchy frosted flakes have hints of caramel and warm, spiced flavor. The depth of the molasses comes through, as well as the sweetness of sweet potato in this unexpected rice and wheat cereal. Especially perfect on a brisk fall morning.

To buy: $4.50 for 10.5 oz., at grocery stores or jet.com

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Nature's Path Organic Golden Turmeric Cereal

Nature’s Path Organic Golden Turmeric Cereal
Nature's Path

Right on the turmeric trend, you can have your golden milk and eat it, too. It's surely like no cereal you've had before, but it quickly became a favorite on our team. A warming cereal thanks to turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper (the pepper helps your body absorb the good stuff in anti-inflammatory turmeric) this cereal stays crispy as it lays in the golden milk. Flecks of dried coconut stud the bowl for even more texture per bite. We just can't get enough.

To buy: $5.50 for 10.6 oz., at grocery stores or naturespath.com

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Annie's Berry Bunnies

Annie's Berry Bunnies

This oat, corn, and rice cereal, is berry good. And you most certainly, do not have to be a kid, or like bunnies to enjoy this cereal. Flavored with strawberries and blueberries, plus the use of vegetable juice for color makes this cereal box free of the perky stuff. They're deliciously sweet, but far from cloying.

To buy: $3.50 for 10 oz., at grocery stores or jet.com

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Cinnamon Chex

Cinnamon Chex
General Mills

Reminiscent of the kids cereal dusted with sugar and cinnamon, this is perhaps the grown-up version of it and it's just as craveable. In the box, you'll find crispy rice chex mingling with cinnamon-sugar chex. The mix of both in one bowl makes for it just right and keeps it from leaning too far into the dessert-for-breakfast-land.

To buy: $3 for 12.1 oz., at grocery stores or target.com

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Trader Joe's Multigrain O's Cereal

Trader Joe’s Multigrain O’s Cereal

Made with corn, whole grain barley, oats, wheat, and rice, these sweetened O's are a good source of fiber. Plus, a decent source for vitamins B6, B12, and zinc (25% of the recommended daily value), and the one cup serving has half of the day's recommended value for iron.

To buy: $3 for 12.8 oz, at Trader Joe's

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One Degree Organic Foods Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps

One Degree Organic Foods Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps
One Degree Organic Foods

A personal favorite, this chocolate crispy rice cereal is almost too good to be true. It's made with real cacao and sweetened with coconut palm sugar, which gives it caramel undertones but also helps to not create spikes in blood sugar. Sprouted just means the grains were soaked and sprouted to enhance vitamins and minerals in a natural way. One Degree Organics is also awesome because they let consumers know where the ingredients come from and who the farmers are. A chocolatey cereal the whole family will love.

To buy: $4.50 for 10 oz., at grocery stores or target.com

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