The 10 Best Trader Joe’s Snacks to Eat Outside This Summer

This article originally appeared on The Kitchn.

It’s a well-known fact that Trader Joe’s has the best snacks. So when the urge to eat outside overtakes you this summer, you don’t need to think twice about heading over to Trader Joe’s for all your bites and nibbles. But how do you choose which snacks to go with? What won’t melt or spoil during the trek over to the park? There are so many options! Don’t worry—we have your back.

Here are the 10 best things you can pick up at Trader Joe’s to eat outside this summer. These snacks are totally portable, easy to munch on, and great for sharing. Did your favorite snack item make the cut?


Moroccan Style Mint Tea; $2.99

Photo by Trader Joe’s/The Kitchn

Sure, this 64-ounce tea might be a little heavy to lug around with you, but it’s worth the added weight. Eating outside with friends and sipping on refreshing cold mint tea sounds so dreamy, right? And unlike traditional Moroccan mint tea, Trader Joe’s made a concerted effort to reduce the sugar so you can feel good about guzzling it down.


Grapes; $3.99

Photo by Trader Joe’s/The Kitchn

I have a friend who works at Trader Joe’s and swears that the best “snack food” around is their grapes. That’s right, their grapes! If you want to get wild, you could freeze the grapes ahead of time so you have something cold to chew on for your picnic.

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Beet Hummus; $2.29

Photo by Trader Joe’s/The Kitchn

This pink spread is perfect for crunchy vegetables, crackers, or sandwiches. It’s earthy texture and beautiful hue make it a little more special than your average hummus. The small packaging makes it ideal for throwing in a small bag with your other outdoor eats.


Watermelon Spears; $3.69

Photo by Trader Joe’s/The Kitchen

If you don’t have watermelon at your next outdoor soireé, you're doing it wrong. It just might be the best summer fruit to snack on because it's so refreshing. If you’re feeling fancy, put some lime zest and chili powder on your spears before eating.


Popcorn in a Pickle; $1.99

Photo by Trader Joe’s/The Kitchn

You guys, this popcorn tastes like dill pickles. It’s light, salty, and covered in dill pickle seasoning. It’s the perfect thing to bring to an outdoor BBQ because it’s unexpected and totally delicious.

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Chocolate Cookie Cats; $2.99

Photo by Trader Joe’s/The Kitchn

Usually when you think of summer grocery-store desserts, you think of ice cream or popsicles. Those items, however, might not last very long in the summer heat and are not easy to share. That’s where these classic cat cookies come in: They are totally delicious, easy to nibble on, and great for sharing with friends.


Mini Brie Bites; $3.99

Photo by Spiral Style/The Kitchn

If you’re planning a fancier meal outside this summer, this cheese needs to be in your grocery basket. These are great to eat with a handful of crackers and meats. The best part is that you can savor a whole one to yourself. No sharing! All the cheese for you.


Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip; $3.99

Photo by Trader Joe’s/The Kitchn

If you’re eating outside this summer at a picnic or BBQ, you’re going to need a good dip for all those crackers and fresh veggies. You need something that everyone will love, but is still a little interesting. This “reduced-guilt” dip with Greek yogurt, spinach, and kale is a great alternative to the heavier spinach and sour cream dip. It won’t make you feel sluggish when you decide to join that impromptu game of kickball in the park.


Hatch Valley Salsa; $2.69

Photo by Trader Joe’s/The Kitchn

Everyone brings chips and salsa to eat outside in the summer — it’s just what you do — but which chips and which salsa is the harder question to answer. This hatch valley salsa from Trader Joe’s is super special because it’s not something you might see at your average grocery store. This salsa also only has four ingredients (hatch chile peppers, tomatillos, lime juice, and garlic salt).

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Quinoa and Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips; $2.99

Photo by Trader Joe's/The Kitchn

Again, you have a choice to make when it comes to what chips and what dips you bring to your outdoor gathering. Do you want to be remembered as the person who brought the boring tortilla chips to the party, or the person how brought these very delicious tortilla chips? I think you know the answer.