The One Mistake You're Making With Your Tacos

Warm up tortillas on a gas burner for a major flavor boost this Taco Tuesday.

Steak and Plantain Tacos
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Take a look at any taco recipe and it will (or should) always say to serve on warm tortillas. Warming up the tortillas makes them pliable so that they don't split and break when the taco is halfway into your mouth. It's a non-negotiable on taco night. But what if we told you that with one easy hack you can have a better-tasting taco and it's all in how you warm up the tortilla? You'd be crazy not to try it, especially when it's just a 30-second step away.

Just set your gas range over medium to medium-low and place the tortilla right on the burner. Yes, put the tortilla directly on the burner over the open flame. This is my one and only way to heat up tortillas, whether I'm using flour or corn. It improves the flavor of the tortilla by causing bits of charred spots (or lightly browned if you prefer), and then, in turn, improves the taco as a whole. Because the tortilla warms up in the process, it gives it the flexibility it needs to not fall apart. You might be thinking, "but flour tortillas are already pliable!" Correct, but why not improve it's flavor while you're at it?

I turn all four burners on and tend to play around with the heat to avoid any burning which can lead to smoke. This is something I don't recommend walking away from since it reaches its desired state of warm and slightly charred-deliciousness so fast. Use tongs to move tortillas around the burners and to flip them. If you're feeding a crowd, you can get through a stack in no time resulting in a tastier result than damp-paper-towel-wrapped and microwaved tortillas, or having to warm up the oven and wait patiently for a stack of aluminum-wrapped tortillas to heat through evenly.

Jealous of the crave-worthy char a gas burner can give a tortilla, but you don't have a gas burner? Don't fret. Place tortillas on a sheet tray and broil for about 2 minutes per side or until browned in spots. The broiler can give them a crispier texture, but you still get charred bits and warmed-through tortillas. You can also warm up your tortillas on a cast iron skillet over medium flame until browned in spots, about 2 minutes per side.

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Now, whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it's time to make some tacos. This guide will equip you with taco recipes that also include beverages and salsas. If you're feeling creative, try these corn tortilla ice cream bowls.

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