The limited edition Pink Medley Tea Latte at Starbucks in Japan is as pretty as it is delicious.

By Nora Horvath
Updated January 30, 2018
Starbucks Coffee Shop window
Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Move over, pink drink. There’s a new Instagram-worthy beverage at Starbucks, the Pink Medley Tea Latte.

The latte, which is only available in Starbucks Japan, is made using the “Joyful Medley” Teavana blend, which baristas then brew with steamed milk and top frothy foam, according to PopSugar. The Teavana blend the latte is made with, which is a mix of fruit flavors like orange, peach, apple and strawberry combined with jasmine tea, is not yet available in the states.

Thanks to its pretty light-pink hue, the drink is especially photogenic, and flatlays featuring the beverage have been all over our social media feeds since the drink launched. Users posting about the latte have also quelled worries that the pastel beverage might look more delicious than it is. “Omg…it tastes amazing! And not too sweet at all!,” Instagram user momolovespaper confirmed. For anyone that likes their lattes extra sweet, Bustle recommends adding white chocolate syrup.

The Pink Medley Tea Latte will be available in Japan until Valentine’s Day. There is currently no indication that the drink will make it overseas to stateside Starbucks locations, unless some smart Starbucks fan figures out how to recreate it on the secret menu. Until then, be sure to try these three “secret” Starbucks drinks we can’t get enough of.