The best part? You can buy it at the grocery store.

By Grace Elkus
Updated March 16, 2017

Need your morning boost of caffeine, but don’t have time to wait in line? Luckily for you, Starbucks just launched new ready-to-drink beverages—so you can grab coffee for the week during your next trip to the grocery store.

The launch includes Cocoa & Honey with Cream Cold Brew (which joins black, unsweetened cold brew launched in 2016), Dulce de Leche Frappuccino, and three new Doubleshot varieties: Cubano Doubleshot Espresso, Espresso and Salted Caramel Cream, and Caramel Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee & Protein. Starbucks’ bottled iced coffees will also now be offered in Blond Roast (a light and mellow flavor) and Dark Roast (a bold and robust flavor) in 48-fluid-ounce bottles. These drinks join Starbucks’ line of more than 40 ready-to-drink beverages.

Though it’s likely too soon for cold brew in many parts of the country, the announcement of the new drinks is making us even more excited for warmer temps. The Cocoa & Honey With Cream Cold Brew is rolling out to grocery stores this week, beginning with the West Coast, Northeast, Southeast, and Great Lakes regions. Considering how much we love the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, we have a feeling we’ll love the new one, too.

This isn’t the only exciting news from Starbucks this season. In February, the company launched two new macchiato flavors—Coconutmilk Mocha and Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk—which are only here for a limited time. And more recently, Starbucks released new spring cups, which come in three pastel colors inspired by Pantone’s spring color trend reports for 2017. Finally, let's not forget their new cookie butter bar. Yum!